Thursday, 12 January 2012

#42 18th Birthday Presents!

Evening Bloggers!
One of my new years resolutions was to be a better blogger, and well I hope you're all proud of me as I have been posting very regularly and even write my post the day before, I couldn't be any more organised!
The day of my Birthday I went shopping and brought a few lovely bits and pieces so I will do a Haul post soon. I then went out to dinner with my Granny, her partner, my Uncle, Mum, Dad and StepMum where I was just emotionally overwhelmed  by the generosity of their gifts. My Dad also gave me a disk with all the photos on which he took at the party, and I have to say they are really good, but unfortunately my Laptop cannot recognise the disk so a few pictures will be uploaded at a later date when I can figure technology out. But here is a sneak peek at what I was brought from family and friends.

As you can see I was totally spoilt, and feel so lucky and well, words just cannot describe how I feel to have such a lovely and generous friends and family. I truly am the luckiest girl alive!

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