Wednesday, 31 August 2011

#3 Now Here's A Tearjerker!

Evening guys!

Firstly I'd like to say a thankyou to the 12 people who have started following me since setting up this blog 3 days ago, you're all amazing!

Todays post is on a film that I've just watched as I wanted to kill time between my driving lesson and waiting for my boyfriend to finish to work, and as I picked up a few dvds in the HMV bank-holiday sale which were 2 for £10 it was just the ideal!

Ta-daa! This is the film that I have just watch with the GORGEOUS Zac Efton, I absoloutly love him now that he's grown up and moved away from the whole High School Musical. Anyway back to the film as I could drool over him all day! The film is about the relationship between two brothers before and after tragedy strikes. The setting and location of the film is just ideal for the film and I would love to visit a little village in America like it. Like all predictable chic-flicks yes the boy does get the girl in the end and I have to admit that there were a couple of bits that I lost interest for a few second. But what  really got the tears rolling was the relationship between the brothers Charlie and Sam. I don't want to tell you too much about the film as I feel it will spoil it for you. But if your're an Efron fan or just generally love a good chick flick this certainly hits the spot!
Tuesday, 30 August 2011

#2 Minty Fresh

Today I enroled for college, woohoo! I'm finally doing what I've always wanted to do which is Uniformed Public Services Level 3. Its a course designed for those who want to join the Army, Navy or Police, which of course I do and I can't wait to get started especially after droping out of my A-Levels. So I spent my morning taking simple maths and english tests, paying the money for my course, meeting my tutor and having the horrific experience of having my college ID card picture taken. This card will never be seen to another single human being, it is just undescribeable how bad I look on this piece of plastic.

So when I got home I thought I'd treat myself to a bit of relaxation, which in my eyes is a good manicure! :-) I was out shopping monday with my boyfriend when he poped into Boots to buy some Hair Gel. When he was buying they gave him a £5 voucher to spend on their No7 brand, which of course is totally wasted on him, so i took this oppertunity to add to my ever growing nail varnish collection. Normally I am so predictable with what colours I wear they are usually dark colous such as Navys, Browns and Reds, so I went for what looked like a nice pastel baby blue; however it is very bright and sends shovers down my spine each time I look at it, I swear my fingertips are even cold because of it.. What do you think?!

It took 3 coats to finally get it to a good strong bold colour, and I found that actually the application brush was far to wide for my fingertips, but I'm very impressed with the total finish and the quickness of the drying.

This nail varnish cost me all but £2. The No7 varnishes are usually £7 but the free voucher took off a great £5. Now thats what I call a bargain!

No7 Stay Perfect in Minty Fresh 320

I'm still not to sure on this colour, as it's very different from my usual browns and reds. How do you think it looks?!
Monday, 29 August 2011

#1 Taking The Plunge!

wow! I didnt think that writting my first post would be this scary, knowing that potentially people will be reading it..if im lucky! Well if you are reading, I'd like to say a 'Hello and Thank You.' Like so many others I've been reading such amazing blogs almost daily and thought that I might like to give it a go. I share the same passion for fashion, beauty and so many other things such as baking, reading and outings. There are so many things that I want to talk about and finally found people with the same interests as me, such as being a spend-a-holic!

I can't wait to start blogging, hauling, sampling and showing you and insight to my ditsy life! :-)

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