Wednesday, 22 February 2012

#49 It Could Only Happen To Me...

Woah! Would you look at that! Two blog posts in one week! Aren't you all lucky things! 
So today at college this morning it dragged for so long, I don't know what it is about Wednesdays, I think it's because it's my only 9-5.30 day. So whilst I wasn't in the greatest of moods today at 8.30 in the morning only the worst thing in the world could happen to me... The handle on my bag snapped! This also nearly caused tears as it was my most favourite bag in the world which I brought from 'The Genuine Fake Factory' in Turkey. Yes the shop really was called that, I even have pictures to prove it!

Yes! There it is! The Genuine Fake Factory, I took this photo all the way in Turkey. But I have to admit they were bloody good fakes, and I absolutely fell in love with a Louis Vuitton brown leather bag which since the summer I have taken everywhere with me. I don't do little bags I am very much an oversized girl to the point the boys on my course nick-named my bag 'The Suitcase' So after being in a foul mood at my favourite bag breaking beyond repair and the annoyance of having to carry it awkwardly I decided to head off into the town on my lunch break and hit the shops where I found a rather cute little every day bag in Topshop which was the perfect size and colour and just what I needed. 

This bag is just perfect and I can't believe I found it so quickly. It costs £30 but I managed to get it for £27 with my student discount, oh the beautys of still being a student! Although, I nearly did shed a tear when I had to throw my most favourite bag into the bin! Also, I just can't believe that it fits all the stuff I need for college, I never thought I'd find another. I also had to follow tradition of new bag, new shoes ;) and I managed to quickly find these comfy little flats in New Look for I think £24. I didn't go out with the intentions to spend a lot of money at all today but they were necessities!
Tuesday, 21 February 2012

#48 Hey There Stranger.


Long time no see! I haven't been able to blog as much recently as for some reason I've had restrictions put on my internet meaning I can't go onto social networking sites till after 6pm, which is really, really, REALLY rubbish! However, it has given me time to get some bits together ready for new posts! So today is just a catch up because recently I've felt really out of touch with the blogging world and want to reconnect with my readers as I was so close to packing it in. I feel that nowadays there is such pressure to be the perfect and the best blogger. I don't proclaim to be a beauty and fashion expert because I'm not I'm just an ordinary student living at home spending my weekends partying hard and hanging out my bottom! I just like to blog when I have free time, especially when it's something I have an interest it and likewise for talking to people who share the same interests. But people like me are criticised so much for our 'unprofessional' blogs and writting style. People even rant about other blogs at the quality of the photos taken. I don't know why the blogging world has become so bitchy because it wasn't when I started back in last summer but I'm not a person who can be dealing with all the aggro. So no it isn't a priority of mine as to how many followers I have, I'm just amazed and so thankful for the followers I do have, and no I do not loose sleep over not having anything to post the next day and quite frankly I don't care about the grammar police! Nobody's perfect, everyone makes mistakes so if I don't quite spell a word right occasionally or forget to put a comma where it should be then sue me! That's my little rant over! Sorry for the negativity!
Other than my rant I hope all my lovely followers are doing well! Do tell me what you have all been up to! Also, I'd like to improve my blog so please leave comments on how you think I could improve and what would you like to see? I'm open to all views, opinions and suggestions! :-)
Finally, I just thought I'd show my face with a nice big cheesy grin as at the moment I'm feeling very happy and content with life, all will be revealed soon ;-)

Would you look at that, mascara on my eyes, how very unprofessional of me;-) what am I thinking for posting this picture?!

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish in 200 Soft Beige
  • Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder
  • FAMOUS by Sue Moxley Merged Eye Shadow in Shade 6
  • Boujois Volumizer Mascara
  • MUA Heaven and Earth Palette
  • No 17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in Dreamy

Thursday, 9 February 2012

#47 The New Love Of My Life... The Amazon Kindle!

If you're a religious reader of Beautiful Nellies you will know that I am such a book worm and constantly have my head in a good book. When the Amazon Kindle came out I was dead set against it, because nothing beats looking in book stores for a new book and reading the blurbs to find out what they're all about (I know I'm really sad!) I was also against the Kindle because I generally enjoy the satisfaction of holding a book in your hands and as you carry on reading and turing the pages you can see how close to the end you are! - Yes, I think that I have discovered that I am actually very sad. So those were my reasons for being against the Amazon Kindle - it just doesn't classify as reading a book.
But then over Christmas something happened which I didn't think ever would, I was talking to someone about the Kindle and became very curious. They themselves were a dedicated book fan until someone brought them the Kindle for Christmas and they told me they haven't looked back since! I became curiouser and curiouser! The books I checked out are actually sometimes a lot cheaper! And it was also solve the awkward in bed reading position, as I always suffer from arm ache when trying to read before going to sleep, and the Kindle is a lot lighter than a book so a comfortable position would be easily achieveable! So after looking into it all, curiosity got the better of me and I clicked that last 'confirm purchase' and brought my Kindle. I decicded if I didn't like it there would always be someone else who would buy it from me.
A few days later this came poking through my letterbox, and I just fell in love! (WARNING: PICTURE HEAVY)

The Kindle is such a sleek looking device, I just want to take it everywhere with me and show it off! As soon as I opened it I set it up following the instruction booklet, which gave really clear, simple instructions making it easy for even blondes like me! As soon as the Kindle had life in it, I went on to Amazon and brought some books, again that process is really simple - it doesn't have instructions on how to download the books but from the webiste it is pretty self explanatory. The kindle also works really well if you have wifi as you are able to get onto the Amazon website and download the books straight onto your Kindle. The actual Kindle function is also really simple with just a few buttons to navigate your way through the homescreen to the books.

The buttons at the bottom of the Kindle help my navigate your way through it, getting onto the home screen and flicking through books. It also has a button which produces a kepboard when browsing on the internet. The text font can also be changed and the size can be increased. I even have a comfortable lying down position when I'm reading. Another reason why I liked books more was because you could see how close the end you were, but with the Kindle it gives you a percentage, which I guess isn't actually that bad. But the biggest bonus for me has to be the fact that it just slips into my handbag and doesnt weigh very much at all, meaning I can ALWAYS take it with me where ever I go.

So what are you thoughts on the Kindle or do you even have one?
I just want to share another little idea of mine... As i did collect books massivly, I have no need for them and still have loads unread. Would people be interested if maybe each week I did a book giveaway to perhaps encourage more people to read or try different genres? Let me know what you think and have a good evening!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

#46 Lauren Pope For Little Mistress And Bank.

Most of you know that I am a total die hard TOWIE fan and fell in love with the cast when they first appeared on our screens. I know that lots of people don't 'rate' The Only Way Is Essex but for me if I don't watch it each week I feel incomplete. I wouldn't say that the girls are my idols or that I want to be like them, because I don't, but I do enjoy a good giggle watching them and the stupidity of the things which they come out with, as it cracks me up!
However, the fashion of the girls always intrigues me as it's constantly in the media whether it's being slated or praised. So when I saw on Twitter that Lauren 'Popey' Pope's new clothing range had been launched I had to check it out! However, after a bit of research I've seen that not all of it has been released yet and are 'Coming Soon' But here's a peak of what's to come.

"With a rapidly growing reputation as a ‘must-have’ label Little Mistress provides a collection of pieces with exquisite embellished detailing, lush layered textures and unique prints, including a range of unique girly designs created by ‘It girl’ Lauren Pope!"

Lauren Pope has designed a range of clothing for Little Mistress who deliver great feminine, chic and pretty clothing each season making sure that they are keeping up with the current trends, and this S/S season has seen the beginnings of Lauren's range being launched. Here is what is currently available from the webiste at

Navy 60's Panel Dress, £40
Animal Print Jumpsuit, £50
Pink Shift Pleat Detail Dress, £45
Pink 2 In 1 Dove Print Dress, £42,

Little Mistress is also working alongside Bank and a small amount of Lauren's collection is also available to buy online and in stores. The collection is definitely something which I will be purchasing in the near future, as I feel that the prices are reasonable, I know that you could probably get a similar item cheaper and that you are paying for Lauren's branded name, but I don't think that they are really unreasonable, and I love how it's not the stereo typical 'Essex Fashion' which again everyone slates, but I just can't help but love parts of it, and lets be honest, who doesnt enjoy a good fake tan?! But... I am yet to brave a vajazzle...

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

#45 Face Of The Night.

As I'm always out recently and haven't been blogging much at all I thought that I would atleast show you what I look like when I'm off out and about being young, wild and 18!

So the other night I wasn't off out anywhere fancy just my local bar and club which I always have such an amazing time with girlies. But to atleast try and look half decent I used...
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish in 200 Soft Beige
  • Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder
  • FAMOUS by Sue Moxley Merged Eye Shadow in Shade 6
  • Boujois Volumizer Mascara
  • EEylure False Eyelashes in 115
  • MUA Lipgloss in Shade 2
So there wasn't very much to it as I like to keep my makeup routine as simple as possible. Here are also a few more snaps from the night!

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