Friday, 28 June 2013

Life: A Catch Up

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Wow, it feels like a lifetime since I last blogged, and it feels so good to back blogging to have time to actually blog. This month has been so hectic so I wanted to sit down with a cuppa, or a glass of wine and have a catch up, a little nose into my life, if you're interested?! I always love being able to have a little nose!
  • Today I finished college for the last time ever, I submitted all my work and walked away, free from the two years which I've had there and now I'm more excited than ever to start my journey to uni. It's been a rocky past two years at college but everything has finished on a high, and weirdly I think I'm going to miss it. But at 19, I'm glad I'm closing that chapter of my life.
  • I haven't been blogging due to working so hard on all my assignments this month, I've also been on a trip to Wales this month which was an expedition which I had to plan with college and was part of as assessment. Surprisingly, it was so much fun, even walking up the mountain!
  • After being unemployed for two months and finally landing myself another part time job, which a few weeks into I realised that I hated it so much. I absolutely hated my supervisor and was miserable in the job. However, I was always prepared to stick it out and plus, I needed the money. On a recent shopping trip with my Mum to by old job at Next I happened to be talking to my old manager who offered me my old job back. I was and still am over the moon! I should never have left that job and was always so happy to be there with all my friends. Getting my job back there has seen a significant change in my happiness.
  • Finally, this past month I've realised just what an amazing family, boyfriend and friends I have and how supportive they all have been, especially my Mum and my gorgeous man. With the last month of college and being unhappy at work I think I've been the bitch from hell to live with and they have all been utter saints in keeping calm and putting up with me!
I hope to return to blogging as normal and I can't wait I have to many posts to write!

What have you all been up to recently?!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Keep Calm and Follow Me...

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Bonjour girlies!

I'm feeling rather chirpy today despite the typical British Summer Weather we're having.
I know most people wrote these posts a while ago, but I'm unsure as to whether the new changes will effect GFC, but in time I guess it will.

Come the 1st July. Google will be getting rid of Google Reader and slowly I presume Google Friend Connect, which will then affect the way in which you read the blogs you follow, and it will also be harder to follow blogs. This was announced a while ago and I made the decision to use Bloglovin' as the platform which I read my blogs and if I'm honest I love it, it's great and a real easy way to filter through which blog posts you want to read.

So in preparation for the change, if you all want to keep up with Glitter and Sparkle which I'd love you all to as I love and appreciate everyone of my followers then follow me over to Bloglovin'

Thank you to each and every one of you for the support which you have given me over the past two years. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weeks!


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Rimmel Apocalips in Nova

Like many people, I have fallen completely and utterly in love with the Rimmel Apocalips, or the Show Offs for any of you US readers. I have 5 shades, but recently I haven't been able to stop wearing Nova. I know that these have been floating about in the beauty world for quite a while now, but not everyone has necessarily brought these as some may be put off by the boldness of colour or the fact that it's a Lip Lacquer which is the combination between a Lipstick and a Lipgloss, but for me, personally, I now prefer Lip Lacquers to the majority of lip products.
With Lipsticks I can sometimes find them to be too matte and drying on my lips and will always be reaching for a lip balm or be endlessly trying to find a lipgloss which is the perfect match. Then there's Lipglosses, and sometimes I just find them too sticky and they can be rather sheer. So when you're struggling to find the balance between both, go for a Lip Lacquer. They're glossy but not sticky and they hold the colour and pigment of a Lipstick, they're just fabulous!
Where would we be with without a few posey instagrammed photo? Oh the vanity!
Now Nova is a gorgeous pink, slightly barbiefied, yet it's not as bright and powerful as Apocaliptic which is more of a bright, bright fuchsia, but it's still a statement colour, and something which I'd be really happy to wear each day to add some colour to my neutral makeup. Sometimes with a Lipgloss I find that I'll need around two coats to get a good, bold, strong colour but with the Apocalips I literally will only use the one coat, and this will last me a good few hours too (and thats with a few glasses of wine on these sunny days in between!) I also love how easy the application of the wands are, sometimes I make such a mess when it comes to my lips, I never stay within the lines and it's about as neat as my 2 year old nieces colouring. But with these wands they're quite hard around the edge which allows you to get a neat and precise lip line. I also find that they make my lips look fuller, which I love because I have such teeny tiny lips!
Finally, the best part about the Apocalips is their price tag, £5.99 and they can be brought in Boots and Superdrug. I've also seen them available in Supermarkets such as Tescos and Asdas.
Have you tried any of the Rimmel Apocalips? What's your favourite colour?!
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