Friday, 27 January 2012

#44 Gorgeous By Gok..

So the New Years Resoloutions aren't going too great, especially as one was to blog alot more, and to be honest it was going great, until I turnt 18, and from then on all I can think about is when I am next off partying! I really can't resist a good boogie on the dance floor with my girls and also I may have a gorgeous young fellow who I've been seeing a few times in a week leaving no time for blogging alongside working too. So yes do feel free to give me a good hard poke in the eye! I do hope you are all well, and I've missed all of you! Please help me get my blogging mojo back! Maybe even a few suggestions on what you would like to see?
On my birthday I was given this little beauty...

This litte gem is from the Gorgeous by Gok collection, and when it's not being a beautiful little clutch bag its an amazing manicure set!

Inside the bag consists of the Gorgeous by Gok Hand Balm, Gorgeous by Gok Nail and Cuticle oil, a nail file and cuticle sticks (not quite too sure what they are called! Haha)

 I have been using this hand balm almost every day as since December my hands have been in very poor condition, mainly because I didn't look after them properly and the cold weather has left them all dry and sore. So by remembering to apply this everyday my hands have felt softer and the patches where they were dry are no longer, plus this actually smells great!
 The cold weather also seriously affected my cuticles and during the days they would catch my attention and I would notice how horrific they looked. Afterall, every girl wants to have perfect long talons painted in a divine red lacquer! Well, I do! So when I kept noticing that every part of my hands and nails were looking awful I knew something had to be done about it. So now everytime I give myself a manicure, which is usually once a week I apply a drop of the nail and cuticle oil to each nail bed and massage well. This has helped to restore some moisture into my cuticles and nails which means they don't horrify me everytime I see them and hopefully they may even make an appearance onto my blog again with maybe a NOTD!
And of course a manicure set wouldn't be complete without these little gems! I'm very guilty of collecting manicure sets and then the nail file and cuticle sticks just being left to one side and not getting used, but now that I am really trying to make an effort I have been using the cuticle sticks to neaten up my nails, and not letting them go to waste by just sitting there. The nail file also isn't really that brilliant, its attractive to look at becauase on the other side it has the same pattern as the lining of the bag but it is very flimsy like most nail files you get in manicure sets. But because it is small and light weight and I am making a conscious effort I am keeping it in my bag, because there are always those occasions where you could really do with a nail file but you may not carry your favourite one around with you (yes, I do have a favourite nail file I like to use!)
So this concludes the Gorgeous by Gok manicure set, which has been my hand and nail life saver! So if any of you ladies were brought this and it's just been left to one side and not even opened, I strongly recomend you start using it, every girl needs that rescue kit, and this is mine!
Friday, 13 January 2012

#43 A Few Party Snaps.

Finally I have managed to upload all the pictures from the big night! So be nosey if you wish! :)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

#42 18th Birthday Presents!

Evening Bloggers!
One of my new years resolutions was to be a better blogger, and well I hope you're all proud of me as I have been posting very regularly and even write my post the day before, I couldn't be any more organised!
The day of my Birthday I went shopping and brought a few lovely bits and pieces so I will do a Haul post soon. I then went out to dinner with my Granny, her partner, my Uncle, Mum, Dad and StepMum where I was just emotionally overwhelmed  by the generosity of their gifts. My Dad also gave me a disk with all the photos on which he took at the party, and I have to say they are really good, but unfortunately my Laptop cannot recognise the disk so a few pictures will be uploaded at a later date when I can figure technology out. But here is a sneak peek at what I was brought from family and friends.

As you can see I was totally spoilt, and feel so lucky and well, words just cannot describe how I feel to have such a lovely and generous friends and family. I truly am the luckiest girl alive!
Wednesday, 11 January 2012

#41 My First Taste Of Lush.

Yesterday was my 18th Birthday, and I have to say I had the most amazing time ever, and I am so grateful to my friends and family for everything they did for me. I'm STILL collecting pictures so for now I'm afraid you're going to have to have another review!
For Christmas my Brother asked what he could get me which would also be affordable, and so to quickly rack my brains I told him to get me something from Lush. I have never had the chance to use the bath and shower products before but after seeing so many great reviews they are exactly what I thought they would be! My Brother did a cracking choice of buying my the Snow Fairy

The Snow Fairy comes beautifully wrapped, and my Brother thought that he would be clever and get away with giving it to me like this! Flipping Cheek!

 It broke my heart to remove the lovely wrapping as it just looked so gorgeous! But once opened I found a box and a lovely personalised sticker sealing it. Things like this make presents and products all the better. I'm not sure who Bart and his 'Team' are, but thank you for wrapping my Snow Fairy!

Once inside the box I was greeted my the most amazing smell in the world. It was very fruity and sweet but not too over-powering where it gives you a headache. The colourful  Ecoflow protected my products well and a brilliant plus is that the Ecoflow is environmentally friendly as it is expanded waste potato starch and can be reused.The box also included a very small Newspaper on all the different products Lush do, so I'll certainly be looking more in to what they do. The leaflet is also very handy in so far as it tells you how to use each product too.

And these are the lovely products which were inside the box! The Snow Fairy is a shower gel for your body and your hair. However, with my hair type I haven't been using it as a Shampoo even though it would make your hair smell divine! It's Candyfloss with hints of glitter and sparkle in it which I'm certainly not complaining about, every girl has got to have some sparkle in her life!
Next is the Shimmy Shimmy which is a sparkly, golden, vanilla scented heart bar which is another amazing smelling product and actually does what it says by leaving the glitter on your body rather than floating about in the bath! It also made my skin feel so soft and moisturised.
Finally I received the Angels Delight which is apparently the reason why Angels visit earth at Christmas. But I can assure you that no Angels showed up whilst I was having my bath thank god! Again I cannot fault Lush for the amazing fruity smell and quality of this product!
Monday, 9 January 2012

#40 Birthday Eve Post.

Evening bloggers!
I hope you all had fantastic weekend. Mine was fantastic, I kickstarted the year with my 18th Birthday party, and words cannot describe how amazing it was! Pictures will make their way on to my blog but I'm still piecing them together to jog my memory abit, as I seemed to have one too many Vodka and Orange Juices (and they were pint sized!)
I always love to do NOTD's and do a little life update, so I will carry on my ramble and cut to the chase in a second!
Tonight is my birthday eve and tomorrow I turn the big 18! I am so excited for what the future and this year brings me. My 18th has also been full of surprises! My party was a joint effort on my Uncle and Mums behalf, plus all the other family members who donated their time and money to help make it super special. I also cheekily opened all my presents which everyone gave me at the party, so will take a few snaps like I did with my Christmas presents, if you all want to see? I also came home from college today to find out another birthday present surprise from my Mum. She has brought my a Nivarna Spa membership! For those of you who are not from Berkshire you won't know what I'm talking about as the Nivarna Spa is a one off! But it is the most amazing place I have ever been too and I have come home feeling totally relaxed. I can't believe I was brought a membership! There will be a post on my experience there plus a some reviews on a few of their products which I brought. If any of you want to check it out and see what they offer have a look on their website 
Tomorrow I'm going to go shopping with my mum and hopefully will come  back the proud owner of a new iPhone4 with the money I have saved, and also a few makeup and clothing treats ;) I hope you all had a great weekend and sorry for the long ramble. The next part of the post, is also slightly picture heavy!

In my stocking this year, I was lucky enough to find this! I am made on Nail Varnish and have tonnes of it, so it was to my Mum's horror when she discovered that my Dad and StepMum had brought me this! But I can't help but love it!

The categories and colours are all named after the dances which take place on Strictly Come Dancing and dance related things. I am very much into all my dark coloured Nail Varnishes so the Latin section has my name written all over it. However, I've always said that I need to break out of my comfort zone and try other colours!

The Salsa colours seem very bright and daring so I think I'm going to have to try these out, so expect to see lots of NOTD's and also a review on the Strictly products!

Friday, 6 January 2012

#39 Just A Little Note...

I have been an awful naughty blogger and not blogged, but in all fairness I have had some major things going in involving family which weren't particularly nice. However, I do have lots of blog post ideas and hopefully they will be published soon!
This is just a very small post to say please persevere with my lack of blogging and I will be back to normal soon!
Also it is my 18th Birthday on Tuesday so hoping so do a post on Monday. This weekend is also a hectic weekend as I'm having a party with lots of friends and family. So fingers crossed it will all go well and I will have a drink for you all in your absence ;)

P.s If you have any great songs for a playlist please leave a comment! Have a great weekend! I know I will ;)

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Sunday, 1 January 2012

#38 The First Day Of Forever.

I would just like to say a very Happy New Year to all my lovely followers. I hope you all had a great time last night like myself. I went to a wild house party, which was just crazy, and only now am I beginning to recover from it!
2011 has been a great year for me, I entered it kissing the guy who I can genuinely say I love and care the most for, we shared an amazing year together which included a fabulous holiday to Turkey and many, many memories, but sadly an end to the relationship. But I cannot say that things didn't turn out the way they should, because who are we to dictate the future? Things happen for a reason and this could have only been for the best. But what I can honestly say is that he is still such a huge part of my life still and I am so grateful to have him as such a great friend, especially as he's still been here to wipe away my tears.

2011 has also seen a big changes for me. It saw me turn 17 and learn to drive... even though I'm still learning with my test in a few weeks! It saw me fail miserable in my AS exams and drop out and join college to pursue a carer in the forces. It saw me make the drastic change from Brunette to Barbie Blonde. It saw me creating this blog and growing from strength to strength. I gained some amazing friends this year too who I couldn't bare to be without, especially my best friend. The list for all the wonderful and amazing things I have done and achieved this year is endless, 2011 has really been my year! I can only hope that 2012 does the same for me all over again and to make sure it does I'm going to throw in a few little promises I want to make to myself.

In 2012 I want to...

  • Have a better skin care routine
  • Blog frequently
  • Become more healthy with my diet and exercise
  • Smile and laugh lots
  • Quit smoking
  • Save money
  • But most importantly I want to have lots of fun and happiness, the year is what you make it
I wish all of you an amazing 2012!

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