Friday, 28 October 2011

#26 No Way St' Tropez

I want to get it over with quickly so... yes I have been feeling really crappy recently, me and my boyfriend broke up, so not quite myself but hey ho I will be. There short and sweet. I'd rather not talk about things just trying to keep happy!!

The main point for the post is I cannot believe how awful I've found a St' Tropez product! All their previous ones I've been really good with, in fact I've never experienced a bad fake tan product, or ever reacted to one.

This is what I've been applying and yes I know it's medium to dark but just a couple of coats gives you that 'I've been on holiday for a week' look. So throughout the whole week I applied 3 coats ready for a party, and thankgod I never went because it did the most hideous thing to my skin ever. My skin became so itchy it was unbearable to the point I was clawing at my skin it scratched the tan off and you could see when I'd scratched it off and it even made me bleed in places!

The first two are of my arm and the last picture of my thigh. No matter how much moisturiser I was putting on it just would not stop itching or go away. I can't believe that you can see where I have scratched at myself! I'm so upset because it did give me such a gorgeous skin tone but its so not worth going through this again. Does anyone else have any similar stories?
Monday, 24 October 2011

#25 Blackberry V. IPhone

Evening Bloggers, hope eveyones monday hasn't been to bad, like most I've been working all day, and let me tell you there was some huge dramas! But moving on todays big question - well most days for me! Is what does everyone think about Blackberrys and Iphones? I know that there is this massive competition at the moment between the two brands, along side a lot of customer loyalty.

I myself have a Blackberry and got it way back last summer, I never wanted one to begin with as I didn't want to become part of the 'craze' it was only because my Dad went out and got the contract for me that I got it, and Iphones were too expensive at the time. But this is the really sad part... There is not a day that goes by where I am not without my Blackberry, it has actually become part of my life! I'm actually hooked, and when Blackberry services went down the other week I was actually beside myself and didn't know what to do. I hate that I am so dependant on it, yet wouldn't be without it. GUYS I NEED HELP, like therapy or something!

But on the other hand when Blackberry did go down I so badly craved the IPhone, and I always think I'd look so stylish walking down the road with my white iphone 4 in one hand, Mulberry bag resting on my arm with my starbucks cup in the other hand, looking like a celeb. (yeah I know I live in dream world) So lovely readers if you have an iphone tell me why I should get one on my upgrade, and loyal blackberry users leave me lovely comments. I'm so torn and so sucked up into this media frenzy battle, its ridiculous!

All images were from weheartit.

So what's everyone elses opinions, are you in on the Blackberry, IPhone craze?!

Friday, 21 October 2011

#24 Ed Sheeran Gig At Reading Sub 89

Evening Guys! Hope you're all celebrating the arrival of the weekend but for those of you who are catching up on blog reading like myself take a little look at my Ed Sheeran pics!! Last night me and my boyfriend went to go see Ed Sheeran at a local club, I brought the tickets for him for his birthday, but how could I resist when they were only £10 each, so for all of you Ed Sheeran fans who didnt turn up, you seriously missed out on a treat!! Before the gig I treated my boyfriend as another birthday present to Wagamamas, it is amazing! Chicken Katsu Curry is to die for. For those of you who haven't been I strongly recomend it. It's cheap, fast and amazing fresh oriental food.

So after  queing for about an hour we were finally let in only to wait a further 45 minutes for the first support actm, I think his name is Ryan Keane? Apparently he is new and up coming, but if I'm honest I didn't think to much of him as we were so excited for Ed and also fed up of waiting any longer. We then waited a further 15 minutes for ANOTHER support act however they we're Irich rappers called Abandoman and they were BRILLIANT. There is no quick way to sum them out so i strongly advise you to youtube them, they make raps out of things which are in the crowds pockets and things like that and they are hilarious!

Finally Ed Sheeran came on after nearly 3 hours of waiting. Words cannot describe how incredible he was, He sang loads of songs of his new album '+ (plus)' But to hear him without any edits or through the radio was just indescribeable, and what made it better was that I was an arms length distance away from him! I'm simply going to leave a few pictures of him for you to see as I keep having fits of excitement and can't form any decent sentances together.

P.S Sorry for the poor quality of my Blackberry camera and don't forget to follow on Twitter!!

Ed Sheeran - Reading Sub:89 INCREDIBLE!
Wednesday, 19 October 2011

#23 My Famous Coffee Cake

Morning everyone! Its that halfway point of the week, woohoo! Now to get back into the swing of things I thought I'd do a foodie post. Now everyone has their favourite thing they like to cook or bake, that one reciepe that the whole family loves and demands! Mine happens to be Coffee Cake, which is unusual for me as I don't drink coffee. However, this recipie is Lush and the cake is so moist, so I thought I'd share it with you. Whats everyones fav thing to make and bake!? :-)

This particular cake was for my boyfriends birthday as again its his favourite, and I simply put chocolate fingers all around the edge and sprinkled on some chocolate stars which are available in Tescos and probably most fod stores.

Ingredients For The Cake
  • 150g Caster Sugar
  • 150g Butter or Margarine
  • 150g Self Raising Flour
  • 3 Eggs
  • 1 1/2 tsp Baking Powder - I would say that this is optional on preference
  • 1 tbsp Hot Boiling Water
  • 1 tbsp Instant Coffee - add more if you like it stronger. I always like 1 1/2 tbsp
For The Icing Sugar
  • 225g Icing Sugar
  • 100g Butter or Margarine
  • 1 1/2 tbsp Instant Coffee
  • 1tbsp Hot Boiling Water
  1. Set oven to 160C/ 325 F/ gas 3. Grease two sandwich tins, I don't use any particular measurements just any two tins I find.
  2. Beat the Sugar and Butter until pale and fluffy
  3. Whisk the eggs in a bowl or mug and add it bit by bit to the sugar and butter mixture. Add 1tbsp of the flour each time you've added some of the egg, make sure you dont use all the flour!  (and yes it does mean that you have to weight it all out first, which can be a pain)
  4. Add the rest of the flour and baking powder by gently folding it in the the mixture
  5. Disolve the coffee in the boiling water and add to the mixture continuing to fold. Once everything is mixed well seperate into the cake tins and bake for 30 minutes
  6. Whilst the cakes are cooking cream the Butter and Icing Sugar together until light and fluffy
  7. Disolve the Coffee into the boiling water and add to the icing, make sure you dont over do it on the water otherwise the icing will become very runny. If this does happen add some more Icing Sugar until the icing thickens
  8. If you feel the icing needs it leave it in the fridge until the cake is cooked just to thicken it, but I find that I rarely have to do this.
  9. Once the cake is cooked and has been left to cool add the icing into the middle to form the filling, and place it on top of the cake. If you have enough you could place it around the side of the cake. Decorate with anything you wish, the tradition is Walnuts but I'm allergic to nuts so grated chocolate or anything of you choice will be just as good.
Sorry if that was very long winded and complicated it's hard to write from memory. If you have any questions either email me, find me on twitter at HannahLCarberry or just leave me a comment.
Happy baking, and have a great rest of the week!
Sunday, 16 October 2011

#22 Sorry Love.

I really do need a kick up the backside at the moment! I'm so sorry to all my lovely followers as I have been severely slacking with my Blogging. I've just had a really hectic week, but it's not like I even do masses, I just have lots of college work to do and I was stressing about my Kayaking assessment which went tits up anyways. So from now on I'm going to be a much more positive person, and I'm also going to learn to manage my time better. But suggestions on how to manage my time would be ever so appreciated as I'm terrible and just don't know how to! So for now just till I get back into the swing of things I'm going to leave you some picture which I found and for some reason or the other put a smile on my face, whether it brings back a memory or is just pretty! Also I'm not sure why I have named the title of this post 'Sorry Love' I think its because it frustrates me when people say it to me! Especially strangers! Does anyone else have this problem?!

Also, I now have Twitter. So search for me at HannahLCarberry 

All images were found at

This last one also has a huge meaning to me at the moment as today my bestfriend has jetsetted off to Mexico for two weeks and I'm going to miss her so much, the lucky sod! 

Sunday, 9 October 2011

21 Nicki Minaj

When Nicki Minaj first came on the scene I have to say I wasn't a fan. But with her every growing popularity and quirkiness I see myself liking her more and more and really admire her boldness.

She isn't just another GaGa as she's not affraid to stand out and show the world who she is, and most importantly she is comfortable within her own skin, which leads me to what I really wanted to show you.

I stumbled across this quote by Nicki Minaj and it really does give a motivational confidence boost.

"Refuse to loose. Refuse to be defeated. Refuse to regret. Will you accomplish your goals or pretend your life is changing when you know it's not? A wonderful world awaits." - Nicki Minaj.

All images were found on
She sure has given me a bout of confidence and I belive that she is right. Why let anything get in the way of what we truely want? Nothing is ever impossible is you just believe.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

#20 The Vestry

I have signed up to so many only shopping websites its ridiculous, and it's not like I really buy anything from them because I haven't the money to. However I got another email come through yesterday from The Vestry telling me about their new arivals. I have to say as a whole I don't really find much that I like from The Vestry they mainly do dresses which are sometimes over priced. I decided to have a snoop this morning and was pleasantly surprised at their new items, alot of the pieces are evening dresses, they must be starting for christmas work-dos early. Any how these are the few bit I wanted to share with you that I would buy if there was no limit to my bank card.

 Chushh Sky One Shoulder Dress £45
I am loving this style and colour of dress at the moment, and this it would suit my body shape perfectly, this defiantly screams christmas party to me.

Cushh Alice In Wonderland Cream Fur Coat £45
This season we're seeing alot of chic and I can just imagine how classy this little Fur Coat would make a LBD look on a cold winters night.

Leopard Skater Dress £25
Like most girls I'm a sucker for a bit of Leopard print, however I find some prints are a bit tacky, but this dress to me can be worn casually out shopping over some leggings or dressed up for a night out.

Cut Out Cap Sleeve Dress £22
I am also loving the autumnal colours this year like the burnt reds and oranges, which makes a change from my greys and black!

Teal Gold Button Cape £55
For something thats not even a proper coat this price tag is a bit too much for me, but I still think it would look amazing with a pair of Jeans and black heeled ankle boots.

Nude Patent Peep Toe Pumps £25
Finally I've chosen some nude heels. Again nude is another colour that I love this season, and peep toes aren't something which I usually go for maybe its because of my hate of feet and toes, but I think I could actually wear these which is surprising!
Monday, 3 October 2011

#19 Miss Selfridge Beauties!

Evening Bloggers! For those of you who read I've been feeling a bit blue recently and today at College whilst on my lunch break I thought I'd have a mooch about the shops and I'm so glad I did because I came across some bargains in Miss Selfridge! Now I love Miss Selfridge especially their glitsy and glam jewellery but I do feel that some of their items are way out of my price range. However I stumbled across their jewellery sale today and I snapped up some great bargains, and brought 4 pieces of jewellery for £10!!!

So you can see from the price tags being on that the most expensive items were £3 I am still amazed! Thats like 75% of some items!!

This gorgeous necklace was just too long to photograph! I'm obsessed with Pearl necklaces and have been wanting a Peace sign necklace forever so this was perfect for me, and at the bottom of the single chain is a gold feather, and it only cost me £3.

This next beauty which my mum and friend are already trying to steal off me and I've only had it a few hours didnt photograph that well. It's a bit gutting that the pink and cream jewels didnt show that well, but I can promise you it looks lush and again it was only £3!

I am officially in love with this little piece. It's so dainty and cute and surprisingly light in weight. The rest is self-explanatry! And this jem only cost me £2, I can't belive how amazing their sale was!!

Finally I brought these cute earings for £2. They are perfect for wearing in the evening or adding that cute chic look to a daytime outfit that needs a bit of sprusing, and I am really loving my earings at the moment. So there it is, the new love of my purchases and only for £10. Im.In.Love!

Have a great evening Bloggers!
Sunday, 2 October 2011

#18 Sunday Blues

The weather has been lush today, perfect for walking the Dogs with my boyfriend. But as much as I really enjoyed myself and always wish that our time together never ends, I couldn't help but feel really blue and for so many reasons...

1. Its college tomorrow and as much as I'm loving it and really geeking myself up by handing assignments in before the deadline date which is making me quite proud as I was always known for leaving things to the day before. I still feel like I haven't settled down properly even though I'm with a girl I've been really good friends with for about 5 years. I just wish I was there with all my lovely followers so I could talk makeup, clothes and pretty things!

2. I had an argument with my mum which really put a downer on my weekend, all for the sake of forgetting to bring the washing in Saturday night between coming home from work and rushing to Lukes house for the rest of the weekend. So now I'm labelled inconsiderate and self absorbed... as much as I love my mum and its always been just me and her pretty much sometimes I cant stand her! We'll get on so well like sisters or bestfriends for a few months and then have one almighty argument, but hopefully things are sorted now!

3. Money issues! There just isn't enough money to pay for driving lessons, car tax, a monthly train ticket, winter wardrobe and all those things that are branded unneccessay rubbish but are essential so us! And I just dont get paid enough from work to even cover this! Sigh..

4. Finally the weather is just confusing me. As much as it's lovely that we're having all this lovely hot sunshine, I am so ready for Winter! It's proberly because I am such a winter baby with my birthday and christmas all around the festive period. And I just love wrapping up warm and watching silly amounts of xfactor with the fire on whilst its cold outside eating a lovely warm roast with tonnes of gravy!

All images were found on
Sorry for having such a 'downer' post. I just feel a little unsettled but of course there are so many other great things in my life, these are just a few that I have been thinking too much about recently. Hope you all had an amazing weekend in the sunshine!
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