Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Lifestyle | PreVent*, A Natural Insect Repellent

And on this miserable, dull, rainy day I have been reminiscing on my incredible time in Corfu, and although I love going on holiday, the thing I hate most is mosquito bites! I get absolutely bitten to shreds when I go away, so when I was given the chance to try PreVent a natural insect repellent I jumped at the chance!

PreVent is suitable for both adults and children due to the natural and friendly ingredients it uses, unlike other Insect Repellents, which use many chemicals. By using natural ingredients, PreVent is also low in toxicity which makes it perfect for those who have sensitive skin like myself, and it makes it equally good for the environment.

Each night on holiday I used the aerosol and sprayed it on my body to prevent being bitten. However, over the course of the week I ended up with just two bites, and they were two almighty huge bites! Yet two is still a lot better than 20! The bites which I did get were incredibly itchy and I needed to find some sort of relief from it. As I was just trying anything to make it stop I applied the PreVent cream to them and it actually relieved the itching, which makes it a bonus product in my eyes if it can prevent you from being bitten and relieves the itching on the occasions where you do get bitten!

PreVent lasts for up to 8 hours, and I can definitely say that it did last all through the night which is an ideal component when looking for an Insect Repellent. Although the products do seem rather small, I still have loads left after the holiday and shall be taking them with me on my next holiday in September.

PreVent is available in the form of aerosol, pump spray, cream and wipes. I'd be interested to try the wipes next as I can imagine them to be very soothing to any bites!

Have you tried PreVent?

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Beauty | A Little Bit Of MAC, Benefit And Lush

Although I may have been having a slight quiet spell on my blog recently, I can't say the same for my shopping habits! I have still been avidly shopping to my hearts content and my poor bank balance's despair. In fact, this is like part 1 out of three separate hauls!!

However, one is a slight cheat. I had lots of points on my boots advantage card so decided to buy Benefit's Lolli Tint when it came out, after falling in love with the colour from swatches on many blogs - yes, I'm a follower and not a leader!

Next, I took a little trip into Lush as my skin has been going crazy at the moment and I wanted some organic products to help with my oil levels and these face masks were recommended to me along with a few free samples of moisturisers. I picked up Dark Angels and Mask of Magnaminty.

Finally, during my absence, MAC released their Fantasy of Flowers collection, and as they had many beautiful items, it would of been rude not to pick a few bits wouldn't?! Which is why Azalea In The Afternoon Blush and the Rose Lily Lipstick have ended up in my make-up collection. Opps!

Full reviews of each product shall be coming soon!

What have you been buying recently?!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Beauty | Elemis Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash

One thing I'm trying to do most at the moment is use up all my samples that I have accumulated since I started blogging. It is through this that I am finding myself falling in love with products which are new to me, one being this Elemis Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash.

This exfoliator is part of Elemis's Teens to 20's skincare range and is designed to leave skin clean, brighter and more radiant, which I certainly feel it does. This has now become my go to face scrub as I find it to be soft on the skin compared to other facial exfoliators which leave my skin feeling red and raw. My other reason to love this product is it's incredible scent. The scrub is infused with Mandarin, Aniseed, Cherry Powder and Jojoba beads, and it is the most gorgeous combination of fragrances thrown together ever!

For 100ml's of product, the exfoliator retails at £13.00, which I believe to be a reasonable price for a high-end brand, and for a product which compliments my skin so well. Once my sample runs out, I will most definitely be purchasing a full sized product, along with trying out some of Elemis's other skincare products. I can see it being a holy grail item to my skincare routine! I have never felt so much love towards a facial exfoliator. This is definitely a sign of getting older!! 

Have you tried any products by Elemis, what would you recommend?

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Beauty | My First Delve Into Kiko

On a trip to London with my boyfriend we walked past the Kiko store and I couldn't believe my ears when he agreed to let me do some shopping in it AND accompany me which is where I picked up this beautiful palette and amazing eyeliner.

I've always been very drawn to Kiko's palette due to their gorgeous colours and pigmentation which I was incredibly pleased about with this palette too. Although Tyler had agreed to let me do a bit of shopping, I knew he meant 'but be quick!' with the eyes he gave me! And this palette satisfied my want to try Kiko cosmetics. At the till whilst paying, the assistant also asked if I wanted to purchase their eyeliner and I was sold as soon as he said it doesn't budge all day, and it really doesn't it's the best eyeliner I have ever bought!

The palette and eyeliner came from the Limited Edition Dark Heroine range and the palette is the 02 Street Taupe Variation and the eyeliner is in shade Panther Black. The collection has now ended, but I managed to still get them in the sale. The palette consists of 5 shimmer/glitter shadows and 1 matte shadow, which is perfect for a smokey look that I like to create. If you like mostly mattes then this palette isn't for you. I however, love glitter and shimmer shadows! As you can see from the swatches, the pigmentation of the shadows are brilliant, and worth their value. Both the palette and the liner have great staying power, and there is minimal fallout.

This beautiful palette is the start of a beautiful relationship with Kiko and I've already placed my next order!

Have you tried any products from Kiko yet?!
Thursday, 8 May 2014

Lifestyle | Hello Summer,

Two months later and I'm back with a post for you all!

I know I've been awfully quiet recently but with the end of the University year fast approaching I had so many deadlines to meet and essays to write, along with a lovely weeks holiday in Corfu. I'm not the sort of person to cope well under pressure either, so my life seems to go on hold whilst I do what I have to do in order to restore it back to normality. Today however, I submitted my last essay for the University Year and shall not return until October now. So that's plenty of time to work hard and save some money, along with regaining my life and social life back!

So this post isn't entirely boring, I'll show you a little of what I've been up to. I'm also thinking of doing a post on surviving your first year at uni, if you think it would be beneficial, let me know!

 Tyler and I one evening in Corfu.
 Our hotels pool and a slight show of our private beach.
 A beautiful sunset one evening.
I traded in my iPhone for the new Samsung Galaxy S5, you'll soon notice the photo quality change in this post!
 Tyler brought me Preston the Penguin for Easter!
The most amazing brownie from Harrods, look at the size of it!
 There is always some sort of funky street entertainment going on in London!
 It was my cousins 17th birthday, and my Auntie was having a throwback and going through all the old photos! I'm on the left, aged around 4.
 I've started the Juice Plus diet, and so far I'm 9lbs lighter!

I can't wait to get back to posting a lot more regularly, and I already have lots of posts planned! So watch this space!
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