Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Lifestyle | PreVent*, A Natural Insect Repellent

And on this miserable, dull, rainy day I have been reminiscing on my incredible time in Corfu, and although I love going on holiday, the thing I hate most is mosquito bites! I get absolutely bitten to shreds when I go away, so when I was given the chance to try PreVent a natural insect repellent I jumped at the chance!

PreVent is suitable for both adults and children due to the natural and friendly ingredients it uses, unlike other Insect Repellents, which use many chemicals. By using natural ingredients, PreVent is also low in toxicity which makes it perfect for those who have sensitive skin like myself, and it makes it equally good for the environment.

Each night on holiday I used the aerosol and sprayed it on my body to prevent being bitten. However, over the course of the week I ended up with just two bites, and they were two almighty huge bites! Yet two is still a lot better than 20! The bites which I did get were incredibly itchy and I needed to find some sort of relief from it. As I was just trying anything to make it stop I applied the PreVent cream to them and it actually relieved the itching, which makes it a bonus product in my eyes if it can prevent you from being bitten and relieves the itching on the occasions where you do get bitten!

PreVent lasts for up to 8 hours, and I can definitely say that it did last all through the night which is an ideal component when looking for an Insect Repellent. Although the products do seem rather small, I still have loads left after the holiday and shall be taking them with me on my next holiday in September.

PreVent is available in the form of aerosol, pump spray, cream and wipes. I'd be interested to try the wipes next as I can imagine them to be very soothing to any bites!

Have you tried PreVent?


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