Wednesday, 22 February 2012

#49 It Could Only Happen To Me...

Woah! Would you look at that! Two blog posts in one week! Aren't you all lucky things! 
So today at college this morning it dragged for so long, I don't know what it is about Wednesdays, I think it's because it's my only 9-5.30 day. So whilst I wasn't in the greatest of moods today at 8.30 in the morning only the worst thing in the world could happen to me... The handle on my bag snapped! This also nearly caused tears as it was my most favourite bag in the world which I brought from 'The Genuine Fake Factory' in Turkey. Yes the shop really was called that, I even have pictures to prove it!

Yes! There it is! The Genuine Fake Factory, I took this photo all the way in Turkey. But I have to admit they were bloody good fakes, and I absolutely fell in love with a Louis Vuitton brown leather bag which since the summer I have taken everywhere with me. I don't do little bags I am very much an oversized girl to the point the boys on my course nick-named my bag 'The Suitcase' So after being in a foul mood at my favourite bag breaking beyond repair and the annoyance of having to carry it awkwardly I decided to head off into the town on my lunch break and hit the shops where I found a rather cute little every day bag in Topshop which was the perfect size and colour and just what I needed. 

This bag is just perfect and I can't believe I found it so quickly. It costs £30 but I managed to get it for £27 with my student discount, oh the beautys of still being a student! Although, I nearly did shed a tear when I had to throw my most favourite bag into the bin! Also, I just can't believe that it fits all the stuff I need for college, I never thought I'd find another. I also had to follow tradition of new bag, new shoes ;) and I managed to quickly find these comfy little flats in New Look for I think £24. I didn't go out with the intentions to spend a lot of money at all today but they were necessities!


  1. awww no, it's devistating when a fav bag breaks :( I like your new one though! x

  2. Loving the new bag and I'm a big fan of the turkish delights too xo

  3. Oh hello new bag. This is a real beaut! I love the style of it, and of course the tan colour! Winner.

    Caught up in Cake

  4. i have a crush with your bag, LOL! i really like it, the colour, the style, it's perfect!! Xoxo.

  5. so cute !!!
    perfect as usual!
    xoxo =D


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