Friday, 16 March 2012

#50 I've Committed THE WORST Dating Rule In The Book...

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I am actually amazed that I have logged back onto my blog and still seen all my lovely followers still there following because personally I don't feel as though I deserve. One of my new year resolutions was to be a better blogger. Well what a fail that has been! I have a few period of doing some good frequent blogging and then my life just takes off again and I feel as though I'm letting you all down!
But on a more positive note! These last few weeks have been the best of my life especially last week! So this post is just going to be a little life update.
Recently I have met someone who is featuring a lot in my life recently. Well, I haven't recently met him I've known him a while and this is the part where you may hate me for committing the worst dating bitchy rule of all...!! Yes, he is my ex's bestfriend... This is the part where you all throw tomatoes and hurl abuse at me because I probably do deserve it! And I know what you're probably all thinking that he's just my 'rebound' or that I'm doing it to get back at Luke, but honestly, I'm not. We've had a thing between us for ages since me and Luke broke up last year as we are in the same group of friends and always without fail go out together at the weekends and more than friendship grew. We shared a few drunken kisses but knew there was more there but neither of us did anything about it and even spoke about it and said that we couldn't ever be together. But over three months of lust, fun times and friendship stronger feelings begin to grow until they're so strong you can't help the way you feel and know that you're doing wrong but at the same time you can't bare to be apart.
Once Luke knew about us it felt as though a massive weight had been lifted, and besides if he's happy with his new girlfriend why don't I get a shot at being happy with someone and surely wouldn't he want to see his bestfriend happy? It's not like we broke up on bad terms and hate each other. We just grew much to far apart and I've come to realised we're two very different people. I know I may have done bad but I'm very happy at the moment and I wouldn't change it for the world. Plus my Mum loves Tyler so that's a win! And yes, Tyler would be his name in case you were wondering! :D
I've also had a busy week as it's  been by bestfriends 18th birthday and her parents paid for us all to stay in a hotel and go out to our favourite club in Reading! So the amount of shopping I did with her was actually enough to last me a life time believe it or not!
Another update is that I just created a twitter account for my blog. I know some of you follow my personal twitter but for various reasons which I'll explain at a later date I've made one purely for my blog! So please get following as I'm looking a little lonely at the moment! @BeautifulNelies

 Becca, Nicole (BirthdayGirl), Paige, Me and Sam
Us girls on our night out.

Hope you've had really good weeks. Sorry this post is so long! Can't wait to hear from you all!


  1. Aw happy to hear you are all loved up, I agree if your ex has moved on himself why can't you. Lovely pics :) xx

    1. Ahh thank you! That's exactly the way I see it!! xx

  2. Eeeeep I am glad you're happy. If all parties are happy then why worry about nothing! You look lovely in the photos as well xxxx

  3. aw I'm pleased your happy, totally agree with what you said, there is nothing wrong with you being with your ex's best friend. If he's happy why can't you be :) xx

  4. If your happy hunni thats all that matters, dont worry about it x x

  5. I love your blog- newest follower! :) xx


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