Sunday, 30 September 2012

#92 Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser

I am still on my quest for the perfect skincare and have stumbled across this beauty. I know, I know I am late with catching on to the good products! This product is one which I have been reaching for daily and just love, it has done wonders for my skin!

The Liz Earle - Cleanse and Polish, Hot Cloth Cleanser is one of the most talked about beauty products amongst bbloggers looking for a good skin care routine. I picked this up in John Lewis for £14.25 a while back and have only just gotten around to trying it. I love the fact that it comes with a card giving a brief description of the product and on the other side it has some instructions on how to use it. Which some people may say that its obvious but I always want to make sure I'm doing it right so I can get its full usage.
This is the amount which should be applied - one pump. It's a really thick cream consistency which I didn't expect as I expected it to be a lot more liquidy. The cleanser is then applied and massaged into the face and neck. You can even apply this cleanser to your eyelids and eyelashes and it removes all traces of eye make up such as Mascara so easily, which I was so impressed with!! Usually I find cleansers are awful at taking eye make up off and can sometimes leave them stinging and irritated.
You then rinse the muslin cloth in warm or hot water, depending on your prefernce and use it as a face wipe to remove the cleanser and any traces or dirt or make up on your face. When I saw the colour of the muslin cloth I was shocked. I couldn't believe that I had that much make up on my face and was so pleased I was removing it before bed. I then washed the muslin cloth and repeated this just to make sure I had removed all traces of dirt and make up.
I cannot believe how well this cleanser worked for me and now understand why it is everyones favourite. The best part is that it also leaves your skin so soft and smooth and teamed with a good Cleanser and Night Cream this is the perfect skin care routine for me before bed. I do understand that not everyone wants to be doing this before bed too but if you can, I would say do it! Equally this cleanser can be used on those morning where you're rushing about getting ready for work/college. The soloution? Use it in the shower and incorporate it into your shower routine.
Would I reccommend this product? Yes. Will I be repurchasing it? Yes.
I can't wait to try other products from the Liz Earle range to after my first being such a success!
Hope you all had a good weekend.


  1. Great review :) I really love this product and find it works wonders, it's always shocking when you clean your face and see the state of the cloth but like to think I'm cleaning it all of my face and know it's bringing everything (all the dirt and stuff) off :)


    1. Thank you Charlee! It's such an amazing product!!! And I can't agree more! It's also helped me to stop wearing so much make up each day! xox

  2. This product seems to be really popular! Great review xx

  3. this was the first liz earle product i got, and now I cant stop with the liz earle...its a gateway product ha! LV x

    1. It's definitely got me into Liz Earle products and I can't wait to try more!! xox

  4. I really really want to try this. xo

  5. I think everyone loves this product haha seems to work miracles!xx


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