Thursday, 27 September 2012

#90 Addicted To New Look Accessories

Although I am constantly busy, I still make the time to go on a few small shopping trips, this tends to be when I've got a free period at college. I know, I know bad me! But with a giant New Look so close by I couldn't resist, and they now have some lovely things in for this A/W season. So whilst waiting for payday I thought I'd use the rest of my money and buy some gorgeous jewellery as I feel as though I want to accessorise my outfits more.
This little lot came to a total of £17.96, which is actually rather expensive considering you could probably buy 10 things for that price in Primark. But I couldn't help it, they're just so pretty!!

This little beauty cost me £4.99 and I love it, it is completly me and will go with most of my outfits, as I tend to wear quite a lot of neutral colours.
When I saw this ring I knew that I had to buy it and again, for  £4.99 I couldn't resist. Because I do wear a lot of neutral colours I feel as though I need to inject some colour into my outfits, and what better way to start doing this with some accessories.
Now, I have always loved my earrings, and when I would buy some they would always be very big, gold and have pearls. So when I saw these, they were right up my street. I've also been a bit bored of all my current earrings and haven't worn any in a while, so these are perfect and cost £4.99.
And finally, this was my last purchase. Ear cuffs have become really popular recently and me being me and staying in my comfort zone, I didn't really think that they would suit me so decided not to purchase any. However, I stumbled across this one for just £2.99 and thought I'd give it ago and to my surprise I love it and haven't stopped wearing it. The other earring to this set is just a plain pearl stud, so everyones a winner all round!
Have you made any impulsive buys recently?!


  1. I love the look of all of these x

  2. I adore the multi coloured ring!
    Beauty Fiends Blog

    I'm also having a giveaway here

  3. Gorgeous NL goodies! I love their accessories especially when they're on 3-for-2 :)! xo

    1. Sadly these weren't 3 for 2 :( otherwise I would have snapped even more up!! X

  4. aw those gold pearl earings look very vintage :) what a bargain! x

  5. Really like your gold pearly earrings! X


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