Saturday, 11 May 2013

Primark Spring/Summer Shoes

Today is such a happy day. I had a job interview this morning which I felt went really well (keep your fingers crossed for me!) After the interview I then went and did some shopping as I desperately need to restock my summer wardrobe. Whilst hunting about in Primark I came across these gorgeous shoes, and I had to have them!
Firstly are these black faux suede pointed shoes. A while back I went off pointed shoes but the flats are starting to grow on me, which is why I picked two styles up today. I'm still not sure how I feel about pointy heels though! I tend to go for a lot of black in my outfits out of habi,t and I've found that I don't have any casual flat black shoes so for £5.00, these are perfect!
Next are these. They are the exact same material and style as the black shoes above except with an embellished bow. The black shoes above did actually come in this colour but they didn't have them in my size. But these will be great for jazzing up outfits with. As much as I love black, I'm also a huge neutral girl and will always go for browns and creams. These retail at £6.00.
Finally, are these gorgeous coral, embellished pumps for £6.00. I am absolutely loving coral this season and when I do want to spruce up my outfits with a bit of colour these will be perfect! They also do these in alternate colours, so the shoe is cream and the bow is coral. I might go back and get them next time but I decided that for now, 3 pairs was enough!
So there you have it, 3 pairs of shoes for £17.00!! I don't expect them to be amazing quality, but they'll do for this season.
What's been your recent favourite footwear picks?


  1. Really cute shoes, i really need to get some new summer shoes! Hope you get the job too! xo

  2. Love them!!!!!! So gorgeous!! Good old primark!! Good luck also :))

  3. So cute! Primarks shoes are always so comfy, I just wish they lasted longer!

    Good luck :)

    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  4. Such pretty shoes, I adore those coral ones they are just beautiful. I agree I love coral at the moment and its the perfect colour for this season. I can't believe they were only £6.00 what a bargain. xx

    Danielle | Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  5. I love love the pinky creamy ones! Bows are just too cute :) Hope you got the job!! I'm sure you did great!

  6. I have the coral ones, they are so cute aren't they :) I really like the black ones as well, I'll have to look out for them next time I am in Primark! x

  7. Ooh these are really cute, love the coral pair! Such a bargain too, 3 for £17?! x

    Curls and Swirls Beauty & Lifestyle

  8. Really need to go to primark now. Never realised they had really cute shoes in! Especially love the last pair of shoes. xx

  9. Such pretty shoes, I suggest those as they are just beautiful. I agree I love them at the moment and its the perfect color for this season . I can't believe they were only £6.00 what a bargain.

    Men Shoes UK

    Barker Marine


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