Friday, 31 May 2013

Life Lately...

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I know I've been rather absent lately, but I'm not abandoning my blog, I promise. It's just I'm finding the deadlines for all my college assignments, work and then juggling having a life all rather stressful at the moment as the dead lines approach.

In my last post I told you that I got the job which I went for, which don't get me wrong is great. It's just I'm finding myself doing nearly 40 hours a week when I'm supposed to be contracted to 12. I know it's half term at the moment but I've not had any time for college work and my Supervisor is telling me that I have to do these hours, He is a complete and utter tosser. There will always be bad parts to any job and he certainly is mine, He's a complete and utter slime ball too! But I put my foot down and from now on I'm going to be doing less hours until I finish college so that I can focus on my assignments.

In the mean time I'll try to keep blogging if I have some spare time and keep you all updated. But if I'm not, then I'm busy undigging my head from the sand and trying to get the last month of college over with!

See you all soon!!



  1. help me get to 300 followers :)



  2. No worries, Hannah! Take care of yourself. Good luck dealing with your *charming* boss, btw. We've all been there! It won't last forever! Hugs from across the pond!


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