Friday, 28 June 2013

Life: A Catch Up

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Wow, it feels like a lifetime since I last blogged, and it feels so good to back blogging to have time to actually blog. This month has been so hectic so I wanted to sit down with a cuppa, or a glass of wine and have a catch up, a little nose into my life, if you're interested?! I always love being able to have a little nose!
  • Today I finished college for the last time ever, I submitted all my work and walked away, free from the two years which I've had there and now I'm more excited than ever to start my journey to uni. It's been a rocky past two years at college but everything has finished on a high, and weirdly I think I'm going to miss it. But at 19, I'm glad I'm closing that chapter of my life.
  • I haven't been blogging due to working so hard on all my assignments this month, I've also been on a trip to Wales this month which was an expedition which I had to plan with college and was part of as assessment. Surprisingly, it was so much fun, even walking up the mountain!
  • After being unemployed for two months and finally landing myself another part time job, which a few weeks into I realised that I hated it so much. I absolutely hated my supervisor and was miserable in the job. However, I was always prepared to stick it out and plus, I needed the money. On a recent shopping trip with my Mum to by old job at Next I happened to be talking to my old manager who offered me my old job back. I was and still am over the moon! I should never have left that job and was always so happy to be there with all my friends. Getting my job back there has seen a significant change in my happiness.
  • Finally, this past month I've realised just what an amazing family, boyfriend and friends I have and how supportive they all have been, especially my Mum and my gorgeous man. With the last month of college and being unhappy at work I think I've been the bitch from hell to live with and they have all been utter saints in keeping calm and putting up with me!
I hope to return to blogging as normal and I can't wait I have to many posts to write!

What have you all been up to recently?!

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  1. Aw, congrats on finishing college and getting your old job back! What a splendid turn of events! I can't wait for you to tell that a-hole supervisor you're leaving! YAY! So happy for these great things, and your supportive fam, friends, and love! xoxo


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