Monday, 24 October 2011

#25 Blackberry V. IPhone

Evening Bloggers, hope eveyones monday hasn't been to bad, like most I've been working all day, and let me tell you there was some huge dramas! But moving on todays big question - well most days for me! Is what does everyone think about Blackberrys and Iphones? I know that there is this massive competition at the moment between the two brands, along side a lot of customer loyalty.

I myself have a Blackberry and got it way back last summer, I never wanted one to begin with as I didn't want to become part of the 'craze' it was only because my Dad went out and got the contract for me that I got it, and Iphones were too expensive at the time. But this is the really sad part... There is not a day that goes by where I am not without my Blackberry, it has actually become part of my life! I'm actually hooked, and when Blackberry services went down the other week I was actually beside myself and didn't know what to do. I hate that I am so dependant on it, yet wouldn't be without it. GUYS I NEED HELP, like therapy or something!

But on the other hand when Blackberry did go down I so badly craved the IPhone, and I always think I'd look so stylish walking down the road with my white iphone 4 in one hand, Mulberry bag resting on my arm with my starbucks cup in the other hand, looking like a celeb. (yeah I know I live in dream world) So lovely readers if you have an iphone tell me why I should get one on my upgrade, and loyal blackberry users leave me lovely comments. I'm so torn and so sucked up into this media frenzy battle, its ridiculous!

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So what's everyone elses opinions, are you in on the Blackberry, IPhone craze?!


  1. Get the iPhone! I've had one since the very first generation came out. I have the iPhone 4 now and without sounding like a totally psychotic looney that is far too obsessed with a phone, it is the best phone i've ever had! For me I think its the fact that it has never once let me down.. with all the iPhones I've have i've never had a days trouble with them and just for the simple fact that you can do practically anything with them is A+! Plus I also like to think I'm a bit of a celebrity walking down the street with my sleek black iPhone and Louis Vuitton bag in my arm.. the simple things in life, eh?! :)


  2. I bought the iPhone 3GS when it came out and I had it for three years, it was the best phone I've ever had and I never had a single problem with it the whole time I had it. I recently bought a new phone...the Blackberry Curve - just because I fancied a change, even though I LOVED my iPhone like a 3rd arm. I partly got my BB because it's a lovely purple colour too haha, but as much as I love it, it's definitely temperamental and glitchy.

    I think whichever you go for you're going to end up loving it like it's your child anyway :D xxxx

  3. Get an Iphone!!! I've had one for years and couldn't live with out it. I've never had any problems with my new iphone but apple are great when you need help, have a repair and will replace any faulty/ broken phones without a fuss.

  4. This is making me want an iphone so bad! But what do I do with an iphone?! Who do I bbm? haha. Ahh guys such decisions! Are there any good beauty and fashion apps? :) xx

  5. I've had my blackberry for nearly two years now, and it's safe to say I HATE it. It's temperamental, it never works, it's slow, it freezes and crashes and shuts itself down. And this is my third replacement in the space of my 24 month contract :(

    I wouldn't upgrade to an iPhone though, because I just can't use touchscreen! Blackberry's good for BBM, that's pretty much it. Barely any apps, slow/rubbish's just behind the times and mainly a business phone. I think I might go for an HTC though!

  6. I've had my iphone for nearly a year now and could not be without it. I literally use it for everything, fb/twitter/ebay/shopping/google like everything. I even have blogs [for example] saved on the screen so I just have to touch it if I want to read it. I've never used a blackberry so don't know what they have or if they're in any way similar to an iphone but I know mine has never let me down. The only bad thing I have to say about the ipone is the battery life. I have to charge it every 1-2 days but then I keep it on all night and use it constantly.
    Hope that helps somehow!xx

  7. Iphone all the way!
    You can get such cool apps on them!
    I have the E! news app so I always have access to the latest celebrity gossip,a Barry M makeup app that posts video's with makeup tips and there's lots more cool apps that you can get! It is hard to get used to with the touchscreen and that but once you get the hang of it the phone is brilliant! :)

  8. The new iphone is coming out with a new thing the same as BBM! x

  9. I don't have any of them. However, hearing from friends and family, blackberries always break and iPhones are awesome. I'd get the iPhone!!!
    Please check out my blog!

  10. I have a Blackberry, Love it to bits. Don't know were i'd be without it. I have quit a few apps on it, but some of the free ones are slow otherwise the good quality apps.

    Mines never broken and i'm on it constantly. But i do know quit a few people who have had to get replacement :(. I also know people who have had problems with their i Phones too doe. I guess its just down to the individual phone. They're both good

    Kiwi ..x


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