Monday, 1 July 2013

Beauty | My Custom FashionistA Palette

Recently, there has been a lot of talk from MUA about how they've now taken over FashionistA and they were doing a deal where if you filled a palette with 4 shadows, bronzers or blushers then it would cost £7 rather than £10 and if you filled a palette with 6 then it would cost just £10 rather than £15 as a special offer. I've been wanting to try the custom palettes from FashionistA for ages, which is a brand which can only be brought in certain Superdrugs.
I had great fun choosing from all the eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers which FashionistA have to offer and I think I'll be going back to fill up more palettes too! From top left in a clockwise direction I brought Cafe Au Lait Eyeshadow, Glamour Girl Eyeshadow, Milan Blush, Barcelona Bronzer, Couture Eyeshadow and Bronze Eyeshadow. I choose four eyeshadows which I could use to create that perfect bronzed smokey eye which I love.
I choose four eyeshadows which I could use to create my perfect smokey eye which is perfect for the day time and also in the evenings by vamping it up with Couture, bottom right. The FashionistA eyeshadows also come in a range of mattes, shimmers, glitters and baked eyeshadows which personally, I think all are beautiful.
I also wanted to add a blush and bronzer to the palette to make the palette meet all my needs as it'll be great for taking on my travels and means I can pack lighter without having the faff around wondering if I've got everything as I'll know it's all in the one palette. Milan is a gorgeous pink, it's not too bright and doesn't make you look like a crazed clown it can be used to create a subtle look or applied heavier for nights out. Barcelona has to be my favourite from this palette as it's very similar to MAC's Soft and Gentle which I'm in love with. Although it's not exactly identical it does have it's similarities.
Swatches from the palette. Left to right: Cafe Au Lait, Glamour Girl, Bronze, Couture, Milan and Barcelona. As you can see they're all really pigmented, even the base colours like Cafe Au Lait. I've been using this palette a lot recently and have been finding it hard to put it down. In a few months I think I'll be going back to the FashionistA stand as I think they're great value for money, especially as you can create loads of different looks from the one palette.

What do you think about the FashionistA Palettes?


  1. so pretty,great pics :)

  2. so pretty and such a good price :) :)

    think I need a trip to superdrug now.

  3. I have always really liked the idea of custom palettes and these are such a good pric too! I might have to treat myself while the offer is on :) x

  4. I love it!!!!!!!!! I want one :)

  5. I love the idea of building up your own palette. I'm tempted to make a blush palette! <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. OMG! Glamour Girl is my kind of shade! LOVE it! What a great deal! Superdrug does some cool stuff. My local drugstores pale in comparison! Half the time it takes months to get any of the new collections in store! It always amazes me b/c Atlanta isn't considered a small town by any means, so you'd think we'd get the good sooner! Cheers for adorable palettes and fun drugstores!


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