Thursday, 29 December 2011

#37 We All Love A Good Treat.

After a time of self indulgence, we love to look after ourselves and start the year a  head looking bright eyed and bushy tailed. For most this involves dieting, drinking plenty of water and eating endless amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables and exercising lots. But for me, this isn't so. This is because I know that I won't stick to it and somewhere along the line I will slip up. So what I like to do is give myself a good pamper! This doesn't mean that I'll do this instead of trying to be healthy. Of course I'll try but personally I believe that the answer to looking fabulous is by looking after yourself in every way. After a stressful shift at work, or a long day at college the best way I find to help me unwind is by having an amazing bath. Now my bestfriend knows me so well and for Christmas she brought me some lovely bath smellies!

These bath smellies are just so cute in their floral packaging! The first box is a box of 6 Roses, which funnily enough are rose scented too!

 Now I'm not a fan of Rose scented things at all and actually found them over powering when I opened them, but popped in my bath and night with a few candles they are heavenly!

 The second box is a box of Lavender products which include a flannel, lavender scented Roses, lavender bath crystals, lavender shower gel, lavender bath cream and lavender body lotion. Now it may seem like a lot of Lavender to you, but this is my perfect idea of relaxation. Don't get me wrong I do love a good bit of Soap and Glory or even some wacky bath bombs like the ones in Lush, but after a hard day a soak in the bath with Lavender is just the thing to help you unwind and get ready for bed. So this is my number one top tip for looking great... bubble baths and relaxation before bed, along with smiling and be happy... of course!


  1. Lovely post! Really in the mood for a pampering session this evening now! I agree, lush scents are lovely, but there's something about lmavender that's so relaxing! x

  2. Those bath roses are gorgeous xo

  3. I love the bath roses and the lavender smell is gorgeous :D I have bought myself lots of pampering stuff too :D its so relaxing. great post xx

  4. This looks amazing! I love lavender scent + the packaging is gorg. Might get this :)

  5. Love the bath roses. Saw some like that in Accesorize :)


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