Sunday, 20 November 2011

#30 All The Things She Said, All The Things She Said.

Evening lovlies! Can't believe I'm only 3 followers away from 100 and I've only done 30 posts! Wowee you guys are fab! Hope you've all had a lovely week and weekend. I know I have. I have constantly been enjoying and loving life at the moment, and even have a new someone in my life who is putting a smile on my face daily! I'm back to my ditsy, happy Hannah self! Also, anyone else remember the song which is the name of this post by Tatu? I thought it was slightly appropriate and linked! - yes my ditsy self is definitely back!

Recently I've been loving guys with tattoos! However, I'm still not a fan of the head to toe look of carp/koi fish and skull and cross bones look. But just the odd one here and there I find so yummy, especially when they are meaningful.

This new love of tattoos has also sparked an inner desire in me to have my own. Except I'm being very cautious with it as I know that if it is a rushed decision I could be left with something I live to regret for the rest of my life. But what I really do like are the quotes, I found a few images that I love on WeHeartIt which I'd like to share with you as it is giving me some inspiration. If you have any tattoos or share similar views please leave a comment, also any stories on tattoos, even if they are horror stories. My mum would be thankful if they were to change me mind! Haha..

Be aware, slightly picture heavy, I couldn't choose my favourite!

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  1. They are gorgeous!!! Im getting my 4th tattoo on Saturday! Cant wait!! xx

  2. I love tattoos, I got my second thursday, the post before last on my blog was on both my tatts.x

  3. I love the "I'm not afraid to walk this world alone" and the "Love" on the finger! Beautiful! Good luck!

  4. And now, I want another tattoo!

  5. Great post. :)
    A topic that I've seen doesn't go down well with some fashionistas, but regardless a post of interest to me.
    I have 3 tattos. i have the rihanna stars from my neck down my right shoulder. i then have some tribal butterflies around the stars. and i have some angel wings at the bottom of my neck.
    Tattoos are deff something you'll get the bug for, but make sure they're something that mean something to you and that you can cover up for work and old
    Look forward to seeing what you get. :)

  6. I like the finger tattoos the best! I've always wanted some tattoos but I'm such an indecisive person who changes my mind and taste too frequently to get one :( But I've always loved quote tattoos, just nothing too long! Haha! I love your blog! :)

  7. Great post hunnie :) I love all of the tattoos! xoxo

  8. I'm still planning my first tattoo, because the design means so much to me and i'm such a control freak, I want to be 100% sure it is going to be flawless + i have started thinking of incorporating a short text as well and it has to be the perfect one!

    Lovely post, just found Your blog and I love it!

  9. i'm the same, i dont have any tattos yet, but ive been contemplating it for a year, i love quote tattos, and thats what i wanna get too, but theres just way too many awesome quotes in this world to choose from! xo


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