Thursday, 21 March 2013

New: MUA Power Pouts

I am an absolute MUA fan and I love all their products. I follow them on Twitter and Facebook religiously checking for any discounts or news on new products along with other bloggers reviews of their products. Last night MUA released a status on Facebook saying that tomorrow (today) they will be announcing a new product which was revealed an hour ago.
Due to MUA becoming more and more popular due to the quality of products and their prices it has allowed them to keep on expanding and release new products which are keeping up with the beauty world. So are you ready to see what MUA are going to be releasing next?!
Picture was taken from the MUA Facebook page.
MUA are releasing their own version of the Clinique Chubby Sticks and Revlon Lip Stains with their very own Power Pout. They have the exact same concept of the Chubby Sticks and Lip Stains but at a much more affordable price. For an amazing £3.00 you could own your own Power Pout which comes in 6 different colours. They will be available to buy in stores from the 10th of April. They're not saying when they will be available to buy online for all you international MUA lovers but they're saying it might be very soon.
I really can't wait for these to become available and I've already got my eye on a few which I want, if they're anything like their other products I know they'll be great!
What do you think of the new MUA Power Pouts?!


  1. Ooh, these look amazing! I love MUA products, so affordable but still amazing quality. :D
    I may have to buy them all :o

    Ash xx

  2. Quite exciting! I'd never heard of MUA until Instagram! I kept seeing these awesome palettes popping up in pictures and I was quite thrilled when I found MUA, then saw the amazing prices, AND doubly happy that they ship to the US where I live! I ordered the Undress Me Too palette and it should be crossing the pond soon! So excited. Have you reviewed any of the eye shadow palettes?

    1. I've recently brought the Undress Me Too palette and I have the Undressed Palette aswell as the Heaven and Earth palette, but unfortunately I haven't done any reviews on them yet. I've been using my Heaven and Earth palette for quite some time though and I have to say I love it! It's my most go to palette and all the shadows are great quality XX

  3. Oooh i will try these out, max factor and no7 are launching some too so will be exciting to try MUAs! x

  4. These chubby stick type applicator seems to the trend lately huh? I havent heard of these but it seems all the brands are doing their take on the "sticks"


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