Monday, 19 March 2012

#51 I Heart U Too...

Evening bloggers! Hope you all had a great weekend and all spoiled your Mummies silly! I know I treated mine! What sort of presents did you buy for your mums? I sometimes find it hard to buy for things such as Mothers Day and Fathers Day simply because it's meant to be a token something but you want to spoil them and then they may moan etc, you can just never win! Well I can't with my Mum anyways!
I know this post may be a little late compared to others, but it's better than never, and I'm usually the last to join in with things anyway! So the other day I popped into Superdrug just to kill some time whilst waiting for my train and I know they have a MUA section so I thought I'd chance my luck and see if they have any of the Love Hearts collection in stock as usually they sell out of everything really quickly. It just so happens that it was just my luck and they did have a few things in stock which I was able to pick up. Now the best thing about MUA products is that they have the most reasonable and affordable pricetags to match the good quality of the products. Actually, I say it's reasonable and affordable, it really isn't purely to my own self indulgence! As the Love Hearts Collection ranges at £2 a product, I just don't know when to say no until I get to the till to pay for the items and it leaves a slight dent in my bank balance. It is that easy to get carried away! However, on this occasion I was able to curb my slight craze (although I did have to put five items back!) And this is what I came away with... (p.s. picture heavy)
I came away with two MUA Love Hearts Nail Varnish's in 'LOVE U 24/7' and 'U R FAB' I then also came away with two Love Heart Lip Balms in 'Sweet Kiss' and 'Sugar Lips.' The are all typical Love Heart sayings from the sweets and I absolutely love how they've used it to create cosmetic products.

I can't wait to do proper NOTD review posts on these Varnishes because they are honestly two of my favourite Nail Varnishes that I own, and I own a lot! This is why there are no swatches of them as they are each going to have their own posts. Although, I have already worn both colours and should have taken photos and had posts ready to put together by now. But do stay tuned if you want to find out more about the Love Heart Polishes. 

The next item which I really wanted to get my hands on from the collection were the Love Hearts Lip Balms as I had heard great things about them. Again the names 'Sweet Kiss' and 'Sugar Lips' are very typical from the Love Hearts and so cute and quirky. I also love the packaging with the product being in a small round screw top pot which makes it easy to get the products out from. Another favourite of mine of the packaging is that I love how the name of the product is right there instead of fumbling about trying to find the teeny tiny writing which tells you the name of your lipstick, when half the time I can barely read it anyway!
Swatches- Left- Sweet Kiss. Right- Sugar Lips.
These lips balms are great! Personally, I wouldn't say that they are the best Lip Balms which I've ever had because nothing beats my trusty Carmex when I want an injection of moisture into my lips. But for a quick moisture boost with a hint of gloss they are great. As you can see they are pigmented but they're not really strong. So if you are looking for just a quick gloss and go they are brilliant, or maybe even a subtle look for school or work. However, I find that the work their best when they are placed over the top of a bright Lipstick. This is because I find that Lipstick has a tendency to really dry my lips out so the balm helps with that and then they also give a fabulous glossy finish to that perfect pout. However, if you're going for a matte look then obviously you won't be using these!
For £2 an item, it would be rude not to purchase any of the MUA Love Hearts collection really, wouldn't it?!
I hope you all had a great Monday to start the week! Have you purchased any of the Love Hearts collection? What do you think about the products?


  1. I love the nail varnish colours <3

  2. I love the two nail varnish shades, very nice!


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