Thursday, 22 March 2012

#53 New Looks Got Me Going Crazy!

Evening bloggers! Well aren't I doing well?! Several blog posts from me this week! I think that deserves a pat on the back! Lets see if I can keep this going!
Today has been such a lovely day with the sunshine and the heat and whenever the weather is good it always sets me in a good mood too! And when I'm in a good mood there is nothing better that I love doing than a spot of shopping! So after college today I popped into New Look as a new store has recently opened in Bracknell, and I fell in love with New Look all over again! Although I didn't buy any clothes as I'm waiting for payday tomorrow I couldn't help but lust over all the accessories and found myself adding more and more to the buy pile! So here is what I got...
I could have brought one of each of the accessories but refrained myself and purchased these bits instead!
First up is the Clutch Bag, it is actually a rather large bag as for those of you who dont know I don't do small bags! And this bag is actually just the right  size for me to pop a pair of flat shoes in as whenever I go out I always walk to my local club and cannot for the life of me walk any sort of distance in 6inch heels!
I never really used to wear rings but recently everywhere I go I seem to be picking one up and have started this sort of ring obsession. Except this one doesn't really fit when I got it home and took it out of the packaging. I must have lost weight on my fingers or something haha!
For £2.99 you can't really afford not to buy these super cure earings really can you?! Especially when you are getting Student Discount on all of it too! I am also a sucker for a cute pair of earings and couldn't help but buy these for the fear of missing out, sad I know!
Now these earings may not be to everyones taste, but they are certainly to mine! I find that by having short blonde hair it really allows for you to show off any earings you may be wearing. I also have these earings in a sort of pale navy colour and everytime I wear them I always get complimented on them and seeing as I wear alot of browns and natural colours I thought I'd pick up the brown pair.
I hope you have all enjoyed your day! For me college is over with for the week so my weekend starts here! Sadly though on my day off tomorrow I have signed up to do some over time at work in preperation for Next's Midseason Sale starting Saturday! Finally, thank you to those who have helped me out with following my new Twitter account, it means alot! 


  1. I love everything, especially the bag! xx

  2. I remember those earrings from last year- bought them!
    I've just done a new post about some shoes... You should have a look! Plus a tag post that I would love you to do so I could read it!

  3. great purchases! i love the bag and the heart earrings <3



  4. I love the feather earrings and the bag!!! xx

  5. Gorgeous Accessories hun I love them all! I've began to have a little craving for buying rings lately too and I've never really been into them before xo

  6. That clutch bag is lovely! I didn't see it when I went in NL the other week, I need a new clutch! x


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