Sunday, 13 May 2012

#63 Blackberrys Very Own Instagram

Recently there has been a lot of hype with the popular photo app Instagram. So much so it has got all us Blackberry users seething with jealousy as to why Blackberry does not yet support the Instagram app- well I know I am! I just love the way they App makes the photos look so pretty and vintage-y and lets be honest who doesn't want pretty pictures?! It's the perfect app for us bloggers when we're on the go and don't always have our cameras handy. It also got me seething with jealousy at the fact that Android also support Instagram. I mean what is going on here?! So I did a bit of research and found out that hopefully Instagram should be coming to Blackberry at the end of the year. But that's a joke!! In the mean time I have been trying to find a similar app which would give be similar effects which will cost me nothing like the Instagram app and I'd been having no joy what so ever until I stumbled across a very American looking app - for free and promising to edit photos to a similar standard. So here I present to you my new favourite Blackberry app...
Now I'm still trying to figure how to work MOLOME but I'm getting the jist of the photo editing etc and I don't really care for the following thing like the Instagram, as long as I can edit my photos and upload them ready to share on my blog, twitter or facebook then I'm happy as larry. If you're looking for a similar app to Instagram then I strongly recommend this app whilst you wait, and have a play around with it. If worst comes to worse and you find that you really do not get on well with the app then just delete it! But here are a few samples of the pictures I have taken and edited with the app. For all photos I have edited them using the Vintage effect.
 Obviously the fuzzy-ness is due to the quality of the originial photo as my Blackberry Curve does have a poor camera quality! But isn't this picture of my baby Niece and her friend in the bath together adorable?!
However if you do have MOLOME then feel free to follow me or check out my photos under hannahcarberry


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