Thursday, 24 May 2012

#69 Summertime Healthiness Week 1.

Evening bloggers!
I can't get over how hot and amazing the weather has been this week! It has just been gorgeous here in the UK, especially down in the South where it reached 26 degrees celsius! For May that is pretty impressive, lets just hope it hangs around for a few months! - yeah right!
So as you all may know if you've been keeping up with Beautiful Nellies that I'm on a bit of a healthy mission, which was in this post here. The post basically explained that I wanted to loose some extra weight which I have gained since Easter - which was only a few pounds but I want to loose those again, and a little bit more!
So here goes my weigh in!
Starting Weight: 12 stone exact.
Current Weight: 11 stone 11 pounds.
Weight lost: 3 pounds.
Woohoo! That's 3 pounds gone from my tummy, hips and legs! 3 pounds may not seem like much to some people, but to me, a person who loves to eat, it's pretty damn good as a starting point! So this is my first week broken down.
  • In order to loose these 3 pounds I have been making sure I stick to my daily calorie intake of 1500 calories. I have also been making sure that what I do eat is reasonably healthy. I've cut right out the chocolate bars and McDonalds which I was eating - being at college really does make you fat! It was these two which were my main issue so I've managed to go McDonalds free this past week! However, I have had a few sneaky treats such as a small mini roll with my lunch when I'm at college and the other night I did have pudding with my boyfriend, but other than that I have been very good. When ever I've been hungry I've turned to eating two petit filous as you'd be surprised at how filling they are. I've also started having a morning snack of a Banana and as much as I hate Bananas you'll eat them if you're hungry enough - trust me!
  • I've also taken to drinking a lot more water especially just before a meal as this little tip may not be so 'healthy' but it sure does work. Sometimes the body can be dehydrated and needing water, but this crave can sometimes come out in the form of hunger. Before eating always drink around a pint of water as it can also fill you up so that you eat smaller portions. I know this may not be totally ethical but it's what works for me, especially as I eat larger portions than I should anyway. I also find it helps me to drink lots of water which is starting to do wonders for my skin!
  • Finally I've taken to doing 25 stomach crunches, 25 leg raises and 25 stomach curls a day in order to tone my tummy, and surprisingly along with the healthy eating I'm finding that it's working. However, I would like to have a better fitness plan without the use of a gym but am just so stuck for ideas. So if you have any please do share them! Also feel free to share any other tips and advice which you may have!

For any others out there who are doing an Operation Healthy, good luck and keep strong and determined!


  1. A massive well done for being healthy and losing the weight :) I'm trying to be good at the moment too but it's so hard when I want to eat ice creams all the time hahaa xxx

  2. massive congrats honey:) this has completed inspired me to want to be healthy! think I might give it a go! love these posts can't wait for our next update :D xxx


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