Tuesday, 5 June 2012

#71 My First MAC Haul!

This week is just flying by with the double bank holiday and last week went even quicker! I wish time would just slow down sometimes so I can take in all the wonderful things and enjoy life. However, although I am very much enjoying life, working life is only just beginning and retirement won't be for another 60 odd years so for now so until the days where I can sit on my big swinging chair in the garden watching the sun go down sipping on my coke float, or if feeling adventurous maybe even a little Cherry with my old age I'm just going to have to go with the flow and dedicate those Sunday's for pure relaxation and possibly blogging!!
I hope you've all had an amazing Jubilee Weekend and have been getting up to exciting things?!
Recently I took a trip to Westfields which for those of you who don't know it is a GIGANTIC shopping centre in London with nearly every possible shop in it from your Topshop to Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Although, you wouldn't catch me in those designer shops as I spent most of my time in MAC ooohing and aaaahing over what to buy and as it was my first purchase (sad I know) I thought I'd share it with you!
I remember the days where you just got given a clear bag (- okay yes, I have brought MAC products before, but that was years ago when I didn't know anything about makeup and would fritter my money away and get con'd into buying stupid things.) and now you get these paper bags! So lets take a peak inside!

Don't they all just look pretty in their packaging?! I love new products when it comes in packaging like this, I just want to keep it looking nice and new forever!
The first thing which I knew I wanted to get was a foundation and I had heard brilliant things about the Studio Fix Fluid so was pleased when the lady suggested this one. I also had her test it out on me so I could be sure it was what I was looking for in a foundation and I can tell you it definitely is. So for £19.50 this little gem became mine and I haven't looked back since!
I also purchased the foundation pump as the foundation are in a glass bottle with just a screw top lid and I am the most messiest person ever so me trying to get a tiny bit of foundation out a glass bottle each day just isn't going to happen without lots of spillages so for £3.00 I thought it would be best to get one and it also has an extra bonus of being re-usable and is also compatible with Bobbi Brown foundations!
Finally after having my make up redone by a MAC makeup artist and looking in the mirror I noticed something I never really notice from being so fair and blonde... I HAD EYEBROWS!!! I was so impressed with my new look and had never thought to invest in an eyebrow pencil that I immediately brought their eyebrow crayon in the shade Lingering for £11.50 and I was also really pleased when she complemented me on how neat my eyebrows were, so I must be doing something right with this plucking business which now seems like a chore!

So here is my first proper purchase! Reviews on the foundation and eyebrow crayon will be coming soon. Have you brought anything from MAC before? What's your favourite product?


  1. Hmm think I need to hit the MAC counter. Cant wait to hear how you get on with the eyebrow pencil!! You got to try one of their lippies or blushers, they're so good xxx

  2. So exciting! I love MAC and purchasing new makeup in general is my favorite thing.

  3. Yay to you. Love M.A.C stuff. I used the Studio Fix foundation two years ago, and it was perfect.
    Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

  4. I'm a big fan of the Mac Eyebrow pencil!

    Sarah xx

  5. Great MAC haul hun. I'm a big lover of the studio fix xo

  6. What a great haul, I love Mac and you have some really good products there :)

    Tanesha x

  7. I love Studio Fix Fluid! Can't wait to hear what you think of the eyebrow pencil xx

  8. I remember my first MAC haul! :) Looks like you started with some great things :) x


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