Friday, 1 June 2012

#70 No7 Beautiful Skin

Sorry for my slight absence over the last week, I've been really busy with my Mum's Birthday as we had planned a big surprise party for her and then her actual Birthday celebrations taking place this week, and to top it all off I got food poisoning the other day and blogging really wasn't my idea of fun when I felt like I was on my death bed!

Recently, I have really been suffering from spots and blemishes which is very unlike me as usually my skin is spot free! Many might say it's just my 'teenage skin' but its making me really self-conscious so I've been doing lots of research and product testing on ways to keep my skin clean and clear which are effective. I've also been going through a really dry skin phase which is most likely to be my eczema so I've also been testing out different moisturisers along with using my prescribed cream from the Doctors.
Whilst out looking for different products to use I stumbled upon this little gem from the No7 range by Boots and I haven't looked back since!
This is No7's new range - Beautiful Skin and the best thing about it is that it comes in a small starter kit for only £5. The kit which I brought is for Normal/Dry skin. However, the products also come in a range for Dry/ Very Dry Skin and Normal/Oily Skin. Personally, I think my skin tends to go through phases of each of these as it is never very consistent through the year
Within the kit comes a Cleansing Lotion, Day Cream and Night Cream to which I cannot fault any of these products.
Cleansing Lotion: The Cleansing Lotion is what I use at night alongside the Night Cream. The consistency of the lotion is just right as sometimes I find certain lotions to be very watery and not very effective. However, this lotion isn't watery at all nor is it really thick. I always apply it with my fingers and then use warm water and cotton pads to remove it. This Cleansing Lotion does a fantastic job at removing all the make up and dirt which my face may have accumulated throughout the day which I am very impressed about as some cleansers don't do this very well and I find myself cleansing for a second or even a third time to remove everything from my face, and this is not what I like in a cleanser, especially when I'm really tired and want my bed! Finally, the Cleansing Lotion leaves my skin completely smooth and soft ready for bed, this definitely is a winning product from me!
Night Cream: After my skin has been well cleansed I always apply the Night Cream to make sure my skin stays well moisturised throughout the night. The No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream is a very thick cream which is everything you expect in a Night Cream. It also isn't heavily scented which is perfect for me after I've cleansed my skin and I'm about to go to bed. It also doesn't leave my skin oily the next morning which is something I always worry about with Night Creams, I don't want to be going from one extreme to another! As I am suffering with my eczema at the moment I do tend to put a bit more on the really dry areas and let it sink in over night and as I've been using it regularly I'm finding it's really doing the trick, so another thumbs up from me!
Day Cream: The Day Cream from this kit has got to be my all time favourite face cream ever! - and this is not an exaggeration! Again, No7 have done well in getting the consistency of the cream right. It's a lot lighter than the Night Cream and very suitable for applying each morning before doing your make up. It also have this gorgeous light, clean fragrance which I love and reminds me of always smelling my mums lotions and potions when I was younger and associating that smell with her which was sort of comforting - I know I was a tad weird! This cream leaves my face completely hydrated throughout the day and removes every trace of bad, dry skin.

Using all three of these products together has worked a few wonders on my skin, I'm finding that I'm no longer suffering from really dry skin  and I'm definitely not getting as many spots by using the Cleansing Lotion, the only thing left is some scarring. So this kit I strongly recommend if you suffer from any similar problems to me.
What makes this kit even better is that when you purchase it you receive a free £5 voucher to spend on any of the No7 range from Boots, so I'll definitely be going back and buying more of their products.
Finally, the range also does some extra products such as a Skin Melting Gel Cleanser and a Radiance Exfoliator which I always want to purchase and test out. So keep your eyes peeled for any further skin care product reviews! 


  1. i had no idea they did little start kits, will get one :) thank you! x

  2. I had no idea either about these little starter kits, thanks for this! :)
    There are so many skin care items I want to try right now and this has just been added to my list aha xx

  3. I love the little starter kits so you can see if the products are right for you and at £5 what a bargain xo

  4. I love your blog, you write sooo beautifully and talented!!


  5. I use the daily cream every work's really soft on my skin, but on odd days it can make it a little tiny bit greasy, so I always put some translucent powder over my nose and forehead after using it just in case!

    HH xx

  6. Glad to know these worked for you. I've been eyeing No. 7 products at Target. My skin became spotty as well.
    Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

  7. i've been thinking about buying the no.7 night cream for a while and now i think i might. thanks for the review :) x


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