Tuesday, 26 June 2012

#75 Before I Go To Sleep Book Review

I love sharing with all of you what I am currently reading as you'll know I'm such a book worm. I have a massive stash of books in my room which are still unread and earlier this year I purchased the Amazon Kindle and also have tonnes of books on it, I guess you can say I'm a book hoarder, I just love them!!!

I've recently just finished reading SJ Watson's Before I Go To Sleep which has been a well talked about book over this past year, and I just had to see for myself if it was a good as everyones talking about, and I have come to the conclusion that it is!

The plot goes a little like this: A woman, known as Christine suffers from Amnesia from an accident which she was involved in. Everyday she wakes up with no memory of who she is now, she can remember a little from before the accident but not much. During the book Christine becomes determined to be able to remember who she is each day and what really happened in the accident with help from her Doctor after not being able to trust her husband. ( SPOILER ALERT: and believe me she has good reasons not to!) As she begins to write a journal to help her remember each day the truth eventually comes out about the accident and who she really is!

This book is talked up to be a big psychological thriller, but if I'm honest I didn't really find it to be that at all. I was hooked at the beginning as it was so confusing and I wanted to find out more as Christine began to find out more. But then half way through the book I really struggled to carry on reading as it became very samey, but I guess you're thinking well what do you expect when she can't remember anything each day? But all I can say is that the ending was amazing and it had me completely hooked to my Kindle, I just couldn't put it down! I don't want to describe the ending at all as it will completely ruin it for you if you're planning to read it or haven't finished it yet, but it had me gripped!

I guess if you're comparing this book to 50 First Dates then I guess yes, it is far more of a thriller, but I was expecting to be at least a tiny bit fearful for the characters. However, if you are currently reading it and going through that unmotivated phase to finish reading it, I advise you to keep going! It will all be worth it in the end!

I also hear that there is talk of a film being made on the book, if so, I hope it does it justice!
Have you read the book yet? If so, what did you think about it?


  1. I read it and I loved it. I thought it was quite steady at the start then straight in with the action! I couldn't believe the end... Great review! Come check out my new Primark haul!



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