Monday, 12 November 2012

MAC Eyebrow Crayon.

This is a long awaited post! A while back I made a few purchases in MAC, it was my first time being in a MAC store other than at a department store and I loved it, I was in my element. A really Make Up Artist gave me a make over which I was over the moon about, and from it I purchased a few products. My one of my now most reached for product has to have come from this visit and its the MAC Eyebrow Crayon in Lingering. The Make Up Artist matched it beautifully to my skin tone and hair colouring.

I've found that I get along really well with the crayon compared to a pencil as I find that an Eyebrow Pencil can leave your eyebrows looking very harsh and defined and with my sort of face I need a much softer look. The crayon allows you to apply the product to your brows and then gradually build them up to how you want them to look, so that if you are the sort of person who suits very defined and bold brows then you can still achieve that look with the crayon. A winner with me is that when the Crayon gets blunt rather than faffing around trying to find a sharpener and a bin to put the sharpenings in etc, you can just twist the crayon and more product pops out!
My brows don't always need lots of attention and I've very lucky in the sense that I can go a week and sometimes longer before I need to pluck them, but when I do want that bit of definition, I always reach for my Eyebrow Crayon. The top picture shows my natural brows without any products. The middle picture shows just the left brow using the Eyebrow Crayon with the right brow still natural. I love how it just fills in my brow a bit more and makes my eyes stand out. Finally, the last and bottom picture shows both brows with the Eyebrow Crayon. Lingering definitely suits my skin tones the best. However, MAC also have five other Eyebrow colours ranging from very fair to dark so that they suit every skin tone. The Eyebrow Crayon also retails at £12.50, but I have to say that it has lasted me a long time!
Have you tried the Eyebrow Crayons? What do you think?!


  1. Isn't the MAC store hard to get away from? Glad you had fun there, and picked up something nice. Your brows look great.

    1. It's such a beautiful store!! Thank you!! xox


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