Friday, 30 November 2012

Nspa Beauty And Bathing Rituals

I was lucky enough to receive a membership to Nirvana Spa - UK's best day spa, for my 18th birthday which entitled me to go 3 times a year to take full advantage of all their lovely spa and gym facilities. (all treatments had to be booked and came at a price) I've used my membership to advantage and have gone in the evenings after a busy day at college or work as it is an amazing way to wind down and I always come out feeling totally relaxed. The spa is brilliant and a total luxury, I will spend all evening in massage pools, swimming, having saunas, steam rooms and monsoon showers. Eating the most amazing healthy foods followed by letting my food go down whilst laying on ceramic hot beds, where quite often you'll find me dozing off! On the way out of the spa they have a small shop where they sell many products by a few different brands such as Celestial. However, the brand which I love the most is their own, Nspa.
Nspa products are my absolute favourite! They have the most amazing smell which is so fresh. If you're a jojoba lover like me then you'll definitely love these! As you can see the products do have steps of order in which you can use them but I just picked up the ones which were most appealing to me and regular products which I use. I didn't want to go crazy and plus Tyler was starting to get impatient waiting around for me to choose! Can you believe it that this little lot cost me £14?! and that's not using any sort of discount for membership!
Brightening Detox Scrub - £4.00
Jojoba and White Musk Hand & Nail Cream - £2.00
Deep Cleansing Face Wash - £4.00
Jojoba and White Vanilla Body Butter - £4.00
And the best part is that you now no longer have to be a member of Nirvana Spa to purchase these products. You can now purchase them from the Nirvana website without having to be a member. However, it does come at a slight cost purchasing them from the website as standard delivery is pricey at £6.00 but if you are interested, take a look from the link here - Nirvana Spa - Nspa Bathing Rituals and Nirvana Spa - Nspa Beauty Rituals The products fall under the two pages for beauty and bathing which is self explanatory.
As well as being able to purchase the products from the Nirvana website, you can now purchase them in ASDA's! They might not have a bag as variety but you can still have a hunt for them and try them out! Unfortunately, you cannot purchase the products from the Nspa website.
Picture taken from the Nspa website.
This image is a product of all the Beauty Rituals products which are available, and unfortunately I couldn't find one for the Bathing Rituals. There are so many more products which I cannot wait to go back and purchase to try as they really are one of the best brands I have come across for skin and body care!
All reviews on the products which I have purchased are to follow soon!
Are you going to try out any Nspa products?!


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