Thursday, 17 January 2013

Lady Gaga - Black Fluid

Now usually, when celebrity perfumes come out I'm not one to be first in line to purchase one, and quite frankly I find the majority - not all, but the majority to be really over powering, sickly and come in tacky packaging. That's just my personal opinion, others may love them. When the Lady Gaga perfume was released I though it would be another, just the same, and it wasn't until I was standing in the cue in Superdrug when my friend smelt it and shoved it in front of my nose did my opinion of celebrity perfumes start to change slightly. It was definitely not what I was expecting, and I thoroughly enjoyed the scent, even my boyfriend loves it on me. So with some Christmas money I brought a gift set which was in the sales.
True to Lady Gaga's style the perfume and Shower Gel is still weird and wacky, especially with them both being black, but don't worry, the perfume does dry clear! I love how she hasn't conformed and gone with the pink and girly look which most perfumes seem to have. Not that I'm complaining!!
The perfume has a very light musty smell to it with just that hint of floral, and it actually reminds me of something similar I just can't put my finger on what perfume it is called.
I have to say, that I actually love the black shower gel! It was really weird at first but I love how different it is, and smells exactly the same as the perfume.
30ml definitely isn't enough which means that I will be purchasing more in the future!
A 30ml perfume can be brought at Superdrug for £19.19 which is very reasonable. They also do 50ml and 100ml bottles too. You can also buy the Shower Gel for £13.99. As well as the Shower Gel there is also a Body Lotion and bar of soap in the range.

Have you tried Black Fluid yet?


  1. I got this very set aswell, i love it so much :D I gonna keep the box too, just cos its gaga and im obsessed! x

  2. I love the smell of this, I'm refraining from buying any more perfumes until I've used up all the ones I have but don't like x

    1. I am a perfume hoarder Hayley! I can't stop buying it!! I need to take a leaf or two out of your book! X

  3. I love the bottle for this, although I've never smelt it!

  4. I got a sample in a glossybox it smells so good xx

  5. I have the perfume and i think it's amazing! I would love to get that showergel! Follozing you now :)

  6. Lovely


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