Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ayuuri Turmeric & Bergamot Facewash

In December's Glossybox I received the Ayuuri Turmeric and Bergamot facewash which I was chuffed about and couldn't wait to try out due to being such a big skincare enthusiast.
Ayuuri isn't a brand which I'm familiar with but with their reasonable price tag and the great results of the product I'll be looking more into trying out some of their other products. This full sized 200ml face wash retails at £4.95.
The facewash has a really strong zesty, zingy scent to it. So whenever I'm feeling like I can't wake up in the mornings this is my go to product as it really gets my senses going and wakes me up, it's very refreshing.
It's the Turmeric that removes the dirt and unclogs the pores which I have to say it does do. I always find my skin to have a really clear, clean and unblemished look about it after I've used this product. Although I don't have really bad skin, it's not perfect either and one thing I hate is my rosy and blemished patches of skin. Although you will always catch me applying plenty of blusher, for some reason, there is nothing I hate worse than my own red cheeks, and this product is prefect for soothing and toning that down.
I've been using this product almost each day now alongside my Liz Earle and I have to say I am really impressed. It gives me more confidence in my own skin and I will now have days around the house where I won't wear any make up, which is so rare for me due to how unconfident I am. I will also have days where I wear a lot less make up when I'm out and about. So if you have similar skin care issues to me then I would definitely recommend you try this product. It's not exactly going to break the bank and if it gives you the results which you want, it's definitely worth it.
You can find this face wash at
Have you tried any Ayuuri products?


  1. I recieved the neem and tea tree in my glossybox! I love it :)

    F xx

  2. Really want to try this!


  3. Sounds like a fab product... I love their face masks :)


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