Saturday, 10 August 2013

Hair | I Got Bangs!

Recently, I've been stuck in such a rut with my hair. I wanted to grow it out nice and long from having it cut from a bob. I'm always quite drastic like that. One minute I've got nice long hair and then next I'm cutting it all off short, or even shaving bits off! I just get so bored when it comes to hair and I love a change, as I feel it also changes my appearance too.

Anyways, I've manged to now get the length of my hair to just past my shoulders and almost reaching my collar bone, which is fine. Except it's just blonde, curly (because I can't be bothered to brush or straighten it and I have natural beach curls.) Lifeless and lacking some serious style. The middle parting look just wasn't doing it for me any longer. 

So when my hairdresser came over last Monday I decided I need some style, some flair and a bit more of an edgier hair cut. So I went for it, I went and got my full fringe cut back in. I was a bit apprehensive as I think thick, full fringes look best on brunettes, like when I used to have mine. I hadn't had a fringe like this in 3 years since being blonde. But if I didn't like it, it would grow, wouldn't it?

But I would never have guessed that I love it so much! It makes me look a whole different person. People always say to me 'Oh you're so brave getting a drastic haircut' but really, it's just hair! It grows! You can cut it or dye it again if you don't like it. So here's the final outcome!

Don't be afraid of change!

Yes, this is a shameless Instagram selfie!


  1. I love your hair, I've been feeling exactly the same recently, my hairs so dull and boring at the moment! I got bangs cut yesterday! :) I love it, it makes such a difference doesn't it!

  2. Love your new hair cut. I wish I was more adventurous when it came to my hair but I always chicken out when I get to the hairdressers and end up having the same thing! X

  3. It really suits you! x

  4. awhh i love it! a fringe suits you! I took the plunge and got one like two years ago and hated it but like you said hair grows and it soon grew out! xo

  5. I love fringes, it suits you! I always grow my fringe out and then cut it again its a never ending cycle.

  6. It is SO SOOO CUTE! I love it! You look so beautiful and spunky! I had bangs, er "fringe" as you guys say, my whole life growing up and grew them out as soon as my hair was under my own control at 15. I've been wanting to cut them again but my skin and hair is oily and bangs just end up looking stringy and lifeless on me. I adore bangs on other people though! :)

  7. This looks gorgeous, really suits you.
    I have the same attitude with hair, it'll grow back if I hate it.
    I'm having a load cut off soon, excited! x


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