Thursday, 29 August 2013

Life | Happy 2nd Birthday!

Wow, I can't believe I started this blog off this day two years ago. I've been blogging two whole years? Where on earth did that time go, I still remember sitting their reading all my favourite blogs and then deciding to create my own. I was looking back at my first blog posts the other day and cringing so much at my style of writing, what I posted about, my photography and blog layout. I'm so glad to say that I have improved and come along way since then (although there is still and always will be room for improvement!)

In the past two years I have achieved so with my blog and although it may sound weird but it's also given me so much more confidence in the real world. I'm not afraid to voice my opinion about what I like and what I don't like. I don't pretend to like things for the sake of other people and trying to 'fit in' I have embraced me, my loves, my hates and have incorporated it all into my personality. I am no longer afraid to be who I truly am, and that, that is all down to you guys, my readers, other bbloggers and my of course, my blog.

I also would like to say a massive thank you to all my followers, old and new for supporting me, for leaving comments and all the things which you guys all do. It doesn't go unnoticed and I appreaciate every bit of it. It's so nice to be able to talk to people who love all the things which you do, which no ones else gets, like why we have to own 20 shades of pink lipstick and why we always impulse buy on new products.

These two years I've definitely seen a big change in myself and my blog, and do you know what? I've never been happier! I'm so content with life at the minute and I hope it stays that way, and that you all continue to follow me on my journey through life.

Here's to many more years blogging!

Much love, and a big thanks!


  1. Happy blog birthday! xx
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  2. Congratulations and Happy Blog Birthday! What a amazing milestone!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Thanks Belle, I can't believe it's been two years already! Crazy! xo

  3. Aw! Happy second blogaversary, Hannah! Congratulations! I am happy to hear that the blog has brought you so much happiness and positive change. You go, girl! :)

    1. Thank you lovely! :) It has, and I can't wait for more changes in the future! xo


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