Thursday, 15 August 2013

Beauty | Barry M Lipstick 146

Sorry, it had to be an iPhone selfie!

I am currently loving Barry M! In April I reviewed their lipstick in shade 140 which was a gorgeous glitter pink and seemed popular with my readers and with family and friends. Which then lead to me buying this beauty. Once I find something I like, I have to have it in all the colours. So this is the start of a beautiful Barry M Lipstick collection!...

Unfortunately Barry M didn't come up with very inventive names for their lipsticks and named them purely after numbers. However, I love their packaging so they score points for that. It's a very original, sleek and sophisticated packaging which I love. Yes, gimmicks can be fun, but sometimes they're too tacky and over powering. So call me boring, but I love their sleek look.

146, is a vibrant pink, yet again, a girl can never own too many! However, upon application it has more blue tonnes than I realised and expected, leaving me with a lovely fuchsia pink - not complaining! Some people say that they don't suit certain colours of they believe that certain colours don't suit certain skin colourings, but I believe that if you like it, then you wear it! No one has the right to say what does and doesn't work for you. What I love most about this lipstick is how creamy and moisturising it is along with the great pigmentation. I often suffer with dry lips, but with 146 I never worry, plus there are always lip balms on standby!

Finally, the last thing with Barry M got so right was the price. Each lipstick costs £4.49. What a bargain?! That's easily affordable to own one of each colour! I love this brand and find it hard to fault!

How do you rate Barry M?!  


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Caroline, I love wearing it, even in this Autumnal weather! xo

  2. Ohh this looks soo pretty! You really suit this colour! I quite like the Barry M lipsticks, but am in LOVE with the Kate Moss ones atm!

    Lorraine x

    1. Thank you Lorraine! Kate Moss Lipsticks are my favourite too! We have great taste! ;) xo

  3. Replies
    1. They're great! I really want to try more too! xo

  4. Gorgeous color. I've really been into pinks lately. I hope you'll have a chance and stop by my blog. All about Beauty. Life. and DIY. If you ever have a an OTD, LOTD, hair or nail tutorial, or a fun fashion DIY, I'd love for you to share it at "That's my Style" Link party every Friday. Don't have anything to share? Stop by anyway for beauty tutorial and fun DIY projects. Hope to see you there. :)

    Karla @

  5. I've only tried one barry m lipstick before and I really liked it so I'm not too sure why I don't have more!! (this needs to be changed asap :P) This looks like a beautiful colour and I think it really suits you :)
    Love Holly x

    1. They're great, I now own three, but want so many more colours and they're also so affordable! Thank you Holly! :) xo


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