Wednesday, 5 March 2014

In The Home | Canvas Design*

I was recently offered a great opportunity to review a Canvas from Canvas Dezign. As soon as I was contacted I immediately had an idea in my mind as to where I would put it and the sort of picture I wanted. However, I had no clue it would end up being so big! The Canvas which is displayed in my photos is 18"x24", however, there is a wide variety of sizes from you to choose from. You can also order your canvas in different styles such as portrait, landscape, square, panoramic and custom made canvases which I think is a great feature, as you can then really tailor your canvas to your photo. Along with the different sized canvases are the different prices for each size, which are the most reasonable I have ever seen, especially for the quality of the canvas. The smallest canvas which is a square 6"x6" retails at £7.99 and the largest square canvas, 40"x40" retails at £59.99. Prices for portrait and landscape canvases are cheaper.

I was also really impressed with the quality of my canvas as the original photo which I sent them was a photo of a photo using my iPhone 4, and the original is slightly pixelated. The actual canvas material is of great quality as they only use artistic 100% cotton canvas which is really thick and soft at the same time. Finally, it was my Mum who most impressed with this factor, (I don't really know about my woods!) the wood which they use for the canvas is a good quality pine, and I'm happy to say that all materials are sourced here in the UK too!

Once I sent off my picture for my canvas I was really impressed to learn that they have 48 hour delivery and for any order, it is always free, which is fantastic - especially for any last minute presents! Your canvas is then sent to you through a courier where you receive a text telling you the date it is going to be delivered and if no one is on that day, you can arrange for it to be delivered another day. On the day of delivery you are also sent a text in the morning with an hours time slot of when your canvas will arrive, which I think is a great feature and means I don't have to sit in all day waiting and can plan my day that bit better! Once I received the canvas I couldn't believe how well packaged it came in order to prevent any damage happening to it.

I was so impressed with the service from Canvas Dezign that I will definitely be using them again in the future and although the photo I have is of my Mum and I, I'm keeping it for myself, although I am contemplating getting her, her own one for Mothers Day, of one of her beautiful landscapes which she loves to capture, as with the quality of the canvas it will look utterly stunning.

For all my readers I have a 15% off code if you enter BLOG15 at the checkout when purchasing your canvas, perfect for any Mothers Day presents or even a treat for yourself! 


  1. Looks so cute and such a good idea! By the way, your blog is adorable - love it! :)

  2. This is such a nice photo !! I am alway worried with old photographs that the quality won't be as good when blown up large scale but this one looks great =]

    Love it !



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