Tuesday, 24 April 2012

#60 No 17 Lasting Fix - Dreamy

In a recent post you'l see that I brought this No 17 Lipstick. I'm more of a lip-gloss gal, but recently have been dabbling around with a bit of lipstick and thought that I should buy some more to my tiny collection!
I choose the No17 Lasting Fix because a). It's reasonably priced at only £4.29 and b). I liked the sound of it being a lasting fix as the few lipsticks which I have don't wear particularly well. 
When I swatched the sample in Boots it came out a very pale pink colour which would be perfect for wearing everyday - especially if its going to be long lasting!
The colour came out well when applied and is perfect for an everyday colour for me. It also applied a lot better with a lip brush. If you're in a hurry and just want to swipe it over your lips for a quick bit of colour then this isn't the lipstick for you as it doesn't give a great coverage and you need the brush to get into all the little places. However, there is no harm in not using the brush when touching up. Maybe its just because I'm messy at applying lipstick so the brush gives me a neater finish.
The lipstick also has a very matte finish so if you are a glossy person like me a small amount of clear gloss looks perfect - but that's just my personal preference.
The only downside to this product which is actually the most crucial is that I didn't find it to be a lasting fix at all. I wore this lipstick to work to do just a 4 hour shift but by halfway through I had noticed it wasn't lasting well at all and clung to all the wrong places - if you know what I mean? It clung to all the dry parts of my lips and didn't look attractive at all!
I'm not completely dissatisfied with this product as I love the colour but I certainly believe that you need to have constant well moisturised lips for it to work well and I'm the type of person that is constantly trying to find new solutions to dried lips! 


  1. i really like the no.17 range, i think its good value for money, especially when it comes to things like lip gloss! love this shade!

  2. i really like the no.17 range, i think its good value for money, especially when it comes to things like lip gloss! love this shade!

  3. Such a pretty shade but it's a shame it doesn't live up to the "lasting fix" name! X

  4. This is one of my faaaave lipstick shades !!!
    However if you are struggling with dry lips etc.
    i would reccomend trying the mirror shine on lipsticks from 17
    as they are very moist and more of a gloss, than matte formula but without the stickyness :)

    Hope this helps !!!


  5. likeeeee your blog dear,
    keep posting and go for it!!!!


  6. The colour is amazing! Looks really good on you!

    You have a new follower in me! Wanna follow back?

    xx Romy


  7. Lovely shade and great price xo

  8. I've been looking for a pretty everyday lipstick and these seems perfect - thanks for the handy post!
    hope you can check out my blog?

  9. that's a really nice colour !
    I like your blog, you have a new follower ! maybe we can follow each other?

  10. It's a very pretty colour... Though pink never works well with my tan :P

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  12. I'm letting you know that I have nominated you :D Love your blog! Please keep blogging:)




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