Friday, 27 January 2012

#44 Gorgeous By Gok..

So the New Years Resoloutions aren't going too great, especially as one was to blog alot more, and to be honest it was going great, until I turnt 18, and from then on all I can think about is when I am next off partying! I really can't resist a good boogie on the dance floor with my girls and also I may have a gorgeous young fellow who I've been seeing a few times in a week leaving no time for blogging alongside working too. So yes do feel free to give me a good hard poke in the eye! I do hope you are all well, and I've missed all of you! Please help me get my blogging mojo back! Maybe even a few suggestions on what you would like to see?
On my birthday I was given this little beauty...

This litte gem is from the Gorgeous by Gok collection, and when it's not being a beautiful little clutch bag its an amazing manicure set!

Inside the bag consists of the Gorgeous by Gok Hand Balm, Gorgeous by Gok Nail and Cuticle oil, a nail file and cuticle sticks (not quite too sure what they are called! Haha)

 I have been using this hand balm almost every day as since December my hands have been in very poor condition, mainly because I didn't look after them properly and the cold weather has left them all dry and sore. So by remembering to apply this everyday my hands have felt softer and the patches where they were dry are no longer, plus this actually smells great!
 The cold weather also seriously affected my cuticles and during the days they would catch my attention and I would notice how horrific they looked. Afterall, every girl wants to have perfect long talons painted in a divine red lacquer! Well, I do! So when I kept noticing that every part of my hands and nails were looking awful I knew something had to be done about it. So now everytime I give myself a manicure, which is usually once a week I apply a drop of the nail and cuticle oil to each nail bed and massage well. This has helped to restore some moisture into my cuticles and nails which means they don't horrify me everytime I see them and hopefully they may even make an appearance onto my blog again with maybe a NOTD!
And of course a manicure set wouldn't be complete without these little gems! I'm very guilty of collecting manicure sets and then the nail file and cuticle sticks just being left to one side and not getting used, but now that I am really trying to make an effort I have been using the cuticle sticks to neaten up my nails, and not letting them go to waste by just sitting there. The nail file also isn't really that brilliant, its attractive to look at becauase on the other side it has the same pattern as the lining of the bag but it is very flimsy like most nail files you get in manicure sets. But because it is small and light weight and I am making a conscious effort I am keeping it in my bag, because there are always those occasions where you could really do with a nail file but you may not carry your favourite one around with you (yes, I do have a favourite nail file I like to use!)
So this concludes the Gorgeous by Gok manicure set, which has been my hand and nail life saver! So if any of you ladies were brought this and it's just been left to one side and not even opened, I strongly recomend you start using it, every girl needs that rescue kit, and this is mine!


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