Monday, 9 January 2012

#40 Birthday Eve Post.

Evening bloggers!
I hope you all had fantastic weekend. Mine was fantastic, I kickstarted the year with my 18th Birthday party, and words cannot describe how amazing it was! Pictures will make their way on to my blog but I'm still piecing them together to jog my memory abit, as I seemed to have one too many Vodka and Orange Juices (and they were pint sized!)
I always love to do NOTD's and do a little life update, so I will carry on my ramble and cut to the chase in a second!
Tonight is my birthday eve and tomorrow I turn the big 18! I am so excited for what the future and this year brings me. My 18th has also been full of surprises! My party was a joint effort on my Uncle and Mums behalf, plus all the other family members who donated their time and money to help make it super special. I also cheekily opened all my presents which everyone gave me at the party, so will take a few snaps like I did with my Christmas presents, if you all want to see? I also came home from college today to find out another birthday present surprise from my Mum. She has brought my a Nivarna Spa membership! For those of you who are not from Berkshire you won't know what I'm talking about as the Nivarna Spa is a one off! But it is the most amazing place I have ever been too and I have come home feeling totally relaxed. I can't believe I was brought a membership! There will be a post on my experience there plus a some reviews on a few of their products which I brought. If any of you want to check it out and see what they offer have a look on their website 
Tomorrow I'm going to go shopping with my mum and hopefully will come  back the proud owner of a new iPhone4 with the money I have saved, and also a few makeup and clothing treats ;) I hope you all had a great weekend and sorry for the long ramble. The next part of the post, is also slightly picture heavy!

In my stocking this year, I was lucky enough to find this! I am made on Nail Varnish and have tonnes of it, so it was to my Mum's horror when she discovered that my Dad and StepMum had brought me this! But I can't help but love it!

The categories and colours are all named after the dances which take place on Strictly Come Dancing and dance related things. I am very much into all my dark coloured Nail Varnishes so the Latin section has my name written all over it. However, I've always said that I need to break out of my comfort zone and try other colours!

The Salsa colours seem very bright and daring so I think I'm going to have to try these out, so expect to see lots of NOTD's and also a review on the Strictly products!


  1. Ooh some of these are gorgeous, especially the pinks x

  2. Sounds like you had a fab time, Congrats on the spa membership too amazing xo


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