Friday, 6 January 2012

#39 Just A Little Note...

I have been an awful naughty blogger and not blogged, but in all fairness I have had some major things going in involving family which weren't particularly nice. However, I do have lots of blog post ideas and hopefully they will be published soon!
This is just a very small post to say please persevere with my lack of blogging and I will be back to normal soon!
Also it is my 18th Birthday on Tuesday so hoping so do a post on Monday. This weekend is also a hectic weekend as I'm having a party with lots of friends and family. So fingers crossed it will all go well and I will have a drink for you all in your absence ;)

P.s If you have any great songs for a playlist please leave a comment! Have a great weekend! I know I will ;)

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  1. I'm literally excited for you right now haha.. have a LOOVELY day! I'm sure you will! ;-) and I hope everything with the family is ohhkay! Sorry no help with the playlist.. Definately a major absense of good music at the moment! :( xoxox

  2. Eeep! Happy 18th for Tuesday!!! Hope you have a mega good birthday party as well. xxx

  3. happy birthday for Tues :) xx


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