Wednesday, 11 January 2012

#41 My First Taste Of Lush.

Yesterday was my 18th Birthday, and I have to say I had the most amazing time ever, and I am so grateful to my friends and family for everything they did for me. I'm STILL collecting pictures so for now I'm afraid you're going to have to have another review!
For Christmas my Brother asked what he could get me which would also be affordable, and so to quickly rack my brains I told him to get me something from Lush. I have never had the chance to use the bath and shower products before but after seeing so many great reviews they are exactly what I thought they would be! My Brother did a cracking choice of buying my the Snow Fairy

The Snow Fairy comes beautifully wrapped, and my Brother thought that he would be clever and get away with giving it to me like this! Flipping Cheek!

 It broke my heart to remove the lovely wrapping as it just looked so gorgeous! But once opened I found a box and a lovely personalised sticker sealing it. Things like this make presents and products all the better. I'm not sure who Bart and his 'Team' are, but thank you for wrapping my Snow Fairy!

Once inside the box I was greeted my the most amazing smell in the world. It was very fruity and sweet but not too over-powering where it gives you a headache. The colourful  Ecoflow protected my products well and a brilliant plus is that the Ecoflow is environmentally friendly as it is expanded waste potato starch and can be reused.The box also included a very small Newspaper on all the different products Lush do, so I'll certainly be looking more in to what they do. The leaflet is also very handy in so far as it tells you how to use each product too.

And these are the lovely products which were inside the box! The Snow Fairy is a shower gel for your body and your hair. However, with my hair type I haven't been using it as a Shampoo even though it would make your hair smell divine! It's Candyfloss with hints of glitter and sparkle in it which I'm certainly not complaining about, every girl has got to have some sparkle in her life!
Next is the Shimmy Shimmy which is a sparkly, golden, vanilla scented heart bar which is another amazing smelling product and actually does what it says by leaving the glitter on your body rather than floating about in the bath! It also made my skin feel so soft and moisturised.
Finally I received the Angels Delight which is apparently the reason why Angels visit earth at Christmas. But I can assure you that no Angels showed up whilst I was having my bath thank god! Again I cannot fault Lush for the amazing fruity smell and quality of this product!


  1. Happy Birthday for yesterday :)

    What a great gift I like snow fairy too :) xo

  2. Snow Fairy from Christmas was AWESOME ! It smells so yummy . The Godmother soap is really similar which is a bonus because it is available all year round : ]

    x .


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