Thursday, 19 July 2012

#85 Ted Baker - From Ted To Toe.

Good evening ladies, it's a very dark and dreary evening over here in Berkshire. The sky is literally black and looks like there is going to be a downpour any time soon! So whilst the weather was awful today I decided to have a sort out and a throw  out of my room and I came across this little gem.

I was given this little set around Christmas time and I had completely forgotten all about it, and in fact it has been unused since Christmas until today. The packaging is some what eye catching and still carries on the Ted Baker Origami theme.

When you open the box up the colours are all very eye catching and bold. I'm the sort of person that wears bright colours during the summer and darker colours during the winter months, so in this set there are colours for all year round! I'm really excited to try all the colours as they're all something which I would wear. However, I'm going to spread the swatches out in separate posts for NOTD posts as I can't be dealing with the hassle of applying the nail varnish taking a few photos, taking the nail varnish off and then doing all over again another three times. That is just too much time wasting!!

But fear not, as there is one post on its way tomorrow! Can you guess which colour I have tried out first? If you know me well enough from reading previous posts then you'll know what sort of colours I wear most!!

I have also looked if this giftset is still available to buy, and unfortunately Boots have stopped stocking it. But when I was researching it I came across a lot of people selling the set on ebay for about £5 if any of you are interested. I've also had a sneak peak at the Ted Bakers nail varnish set which they are releasing for Christmas 2012 and believe me they are stunning!!


  1. This set looks lovely, and I love the choice of colours that are in this collection :)


  2. I love this set! My boyfriends mum got me it for my birthday and they are all really lovely. They go on so easily too. I can't find any more Ted Baker nail varnishes anywhere though, I'd love to find more, I'll have to keep an eye out in boots at Christmas! x

  3. Great nailpolish, the colors are so nice. You got a lovely blog girl, Maybe you like to follow each other? We follow you for sure! Would be great if you follow us back:)

  4. beautiful collection :)! xo xo


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