Sunday, 8 July 2012

#80 This Week On Instagram.

/busy week/ skin care shopping/ burn from sitting on my straighteners/ recent fotd/ making magic star cupcakes/ joey/ new issue of cosmo/

1. This week I have been taking part in Instagram's a photo a day challenge which has been such good fun and making me lots more creative! However, I've stayed at my boyfriends this weekend and have had no internet connection to post photos. But this photo comes from the second day with the theme of busy.
2. As you may have read in this weeks post, I have been skin care shopping again. I am absolutely loving the products and can't wait to start writing up reviews this week.
3. OUCH! Yes, this is the burn from where I sat on my very hot straighteners a week ago before going on a night out. The burn has healed very nicely. However, it is still a little sore, even a week on. I strongly advise people not to sit on the hot straighteners bare bottomed!
4. I've been messing about with Instagram this week and have been being vain, which has resulted in a fotd post on Beautiful Nellies this week. I thought it was about time you started to see a little more of me!
5 + 6. This weekend Tyler and I have been making cupcakes, Magicstar cupcakes to be precis whilst it has been pouring with rain all weekend and we have been stuck inside, but it resulted in lots of fun and mess, especially with the icing! Would you like the recipe on these?
7. Meet Joey!! This is my boyfriends, sisters new kitten! Tyler's Mum finally gave in when it came to getting a pet and went and brought Joey as a surprise for his sister. He is 9 weeks old, super cute and has far too much energy. He is the cutest kitten I have seen in a long time and I have taken so many photos of him this weekend!
8. This months new copy of Cosmopolitan, I can't wait to have a nice relaxing bubble bath with candles and read this. It also came with a free bottle of Missguided's Nail Splash which I love as I've collected others in the past.

What have you all been getting up to this week?


  1. Those magic star cupcakes look so tasty! Joey is so cute, and that burn, OUCH! xx

    1. They were so good and have gone already!! xx

  2. omg i've sat on my straighteners before, got a scar and everything! Joey the kitten is adorbs as well! LV x

  3. Big ouch to that burn I always manage to burn my ears. Those cupcakes look lovely xo

  4. ouch! i stood on my straighteners a few year ago was let with a huge blister on the bottom of my foot!

    I want a kitten so bad joey is sooo cute!!xx


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