Tuesday, 2 October 2012

#94. Meet my new baby. - A short story.

Yes, yes this new Ted Baker Make Up Bag is my new baby! Jealous? You should be! It took me an arm and a leg to get hold of this! I saw them a while back and instantly knew that I had to have it. So I went onto the Ted Bake website and they were sold and had been sold out for months! The only one which they did have was the large wash bag at £29 and I didn't fancy putting my make up in that and lugging it about. So when I went to London for the weekend I went in to so many Ted Baker stores and House Of Frasers and not one of them had the make up bag in stock only the flipping wash bags. I then went back onto the Ted Baker website and did a live chat with a very nice customer assistant who told me that the only they could locate is in Manchester Selfridges. MANCHESTER?!?!?! Thats not really helpful when I live down South in Reading near London. She told me that they did postal orders and gave me number which turned out to be the wrong number! The guy in Manchester Selfridges was also so unhelpful that at the end of it I decided I couldn't be bothered and that maybe it just wasn't meant to be.
Then, on a trip to Reading to buy Tyler, my boyfriends birthday presents I cut through House of Fraser and right by my exit was Ted Baker and immediately it caught my eye. Yes!! They had one!! But it wasn't over yet!... I ran over and nearly knocked the old woman out the way who was eyeing it up and grabbed it. Finders keepers is all about the one who gets ahold of it first. I took it to the till to pay to be told by the girl that she wasn't allowed to sell the display one and would check out back for me at this point the old lady was right by my side and I knew that she was after it too. When the girl came back in her hands was the makeup bag all nicely packaged and she told me that it was the last one in stock. VICTORY WAS MINE!!!! At last I had the make up bag I had been lusting over for months and I didn't have a care in the world that it cost me £25 or the fact that the old lady went home with nothing. This beauty was mine and I have been cherishing it ever since. Sometimes a girls got to do what a girls got to do for something she loves!
Thanks for listening folks!
Do you have any short storys about something you've had to have?!


  1. I love your blog as well as that make-up bag, especially the bow detailing on the front! Now following.
    Georgia from http://fortheloveof-thrift.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. omg! I've seen this makeup bag, I'm completley obsessed with Ted Baker bags and purses at the moment,love it! :Dxx


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