Wednesday, 17 October 2012

#99. The 10 day you challenge tag.

I know this post is a day late but yesterday was so hectic! Life is just so hectic! Will it just slow down?! This year has absolutely flown by and I can't decide whether I like that or not!! Today is the second post of the 10 day you challenge tag!!

My 9 Loves
1. At the top of my list definitely has to be my Mum. She is my whole world and there are so many things which I wouldn't have been able to get through without her. It has always been just me and her and she has been the only constant in my life. 11 years ago I nearly lost my Mum to Liver Disease, a condition which she was born with but at the time Doctors knew nothing about. Each day I am thankful that I have her here with me and each day I am thankful to the Lady who sadly lost her life in a car accident and had been kind and generous enough to become an Organ Donor because without that transplant 11 years ago, my Mum would not be here today and would not have seen me grow from a child to an adult. So an additional love would also have to be Organ Donors!!
2. Candles! I've been finding that I'm really stressed at the moment and when I'm like this there is nothing I love more than a really pretty candle which smells heavenly, a dim light and a good book. Maybe even throw in a hot Bubble Bath for good measures!
3.Getting my hair done. There is nothing better than saying goodbye to horrible dark roots or even going for a change in style or colour. My hairdresser is amazing and I  love it when she comes over to do my hair!
4. Make up! I guess this includes shopping too because you can't buy make up without shopping whether it be at a store or online! Each time I go into Superdrug or Boots I can't help but buy myself something!
5. Reading. I'm such a book worm and have been ever since I was a small child. I read nearly any type of book except my favourites are definitely chick lits! Theres nothing better than getting lost into a good book where theres always a hapily ever after. I'm currently reading 50 Shades Darker and loving every bit of E.L. Jame's books!
6. Recieving post! As I still live at home I don't get any bills come through the post and I've made sure I never sign up to any credit cards or store cards. So whenever I recieve anything in the Post it's always good stuff. Especially after I've done a bit of online shopping!!
7. Dinner! I do like food in general such as Crisps, Chocolate etc. But what I really love is Dinner time!! I love the smells which come out of the kitchen when Mum is cooking and I love finishing work or college and looking forward to Dinner. You can't beat a Roast, Pasta, Sausage and Mash or even a Chinese!!!
8. Winter. I am definitely a winter baby! There is just so many more things better about Winter than there are Summer. I love Autumn where the leaves change colours and it starts to get colder meaning you have to wrap up. I love chunky knits and coats, hats, gloves and scarfs! My countdown for Christmas also starts at this time of year. Everyone goes back to school and then not long after is Halloween followed by Bonfire night a week later. Then it hits the first of December and its time to open door one on the Advent Callenders. December flys by and before you know its Chritmas Day. Then 16 days after Christmas is my  Birthday but before that is New Years Eve! I find winter to be the most prettiest time of the year and everyone is always in good festive cheer! 
9. And finally he gets a mention. My boyfriend, Tyler. This year has been one of the best for both of us yet at the same time it hasn't been a great year. We have done so much together this year and he never fails to put a smile on my face. In an earlier post in the year I wrote about how I committed the worst dating rule - going out with your ex's bestfriend. But I can honestyly say with my hand on my heart that I / we have no regrets. Lets hope 2013 is even better than 2012!

What are your nine loves?!


  1. I love your loves Hannah I didn't realise how many other things I actually loved. Such a sweet post xo

    1. Thank you! I could have written a huge list of all the things I love, but I think I narrowed my final 9 down well! xox


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