Friday, 5 October 2012

#95. Simple - Kind to skin replenishing rich moisturiser.

A few months ago I went to Superdrug and brought some more skin care products and did made a haul post which you can read here. For ages I've been meaning to do a review but as you know I took a bit of a blogging break, but I am finally ready to write up all my reviews, and trust me there are a lot!

So as you know I do have a tendency to suffer from dry skin, so having a moisturiser which works well is essential to my skin care routine each day. I stumbled across this Simple moisturiser and decided why not? Lets give it a go!

Simple's Philosophy:
Our philosophy is simple
Simple says - never use harsh chemicals or colours
Simple says - settle for only the purest ingredients
Simple says - trust the natural goodness in all our products, on even the most sensitive skin
Simple says - natural beauty comes from goodness.
I've used this moisturiser everyday over the summer months and it was amazing, it kept my skin fully hydrated and I never felt as though my skin was all cracked and flakey which some moisturisers can do when they obviously don't work. However, as it is getting to the winter months, on really cold days I find I have to team it with a richer moisturiser as the harsh cold air and central heating can be really damaging to our skin and as winter does come I will use a different more richer moisturiser.
What I was most impressed about was the fact that it was so gentle on my skin, it was very soothing and I found that a little goes a long way. This will definitely be something which I purchase again and recommend to other people. In fact most products by Simple I would recommend to others. They are such a good brand and I really do agree with their motto on their products.
Personally, to me I find it very important that brands use natural products as these work best for people who suffer from sensitive skin like myself. Simple products are also fragrance free. Personally that doesn't bother me too much as a bit of fragrance can leave you feeling very feminine. However, too much fragrance and my skin will break out into a billion spots. Not a good look. The fact that Simple also include a few extra vitamins is a bonus. You can never have enough vitamins to help keep you looking healthy. So yes, Simple is a great brand in my eyes and I have loved every bit of this product!

Whats your favourite Simple product?


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