Thursday, 25 October 2012

Yet more shopping...

Why is it that every time I walk into Superdrug I cannot walk out empty handed? Curse this beauty obsession - my poor bank balance! But moaning aside, I brought some more lovely things. Yay!
Superdrug are currently doing an offer where if you buy a Simple product you get another product (the cheapest) free! So it would be rude not to stock up! So out of these I got the Eye Make Up Remover free, happy days! As you all know I'm obsessed with MUA products and everyones been raving about the Undressed Palette, so this was a must! I've also been dying to try out some Collection products since they relaunched and choose their new Big Fake Ultimate Mascara and the Colour Pout Lipstain in Pucker. I cannot wait to start trying these bits!
Simple Moisturiser - £3.89
Simple Eye Make Up Remover - £3.39 (this item was free with their current deal)
MUA Undressed Palette - £3.00
Collection Colour Pout Lipstain - £4.99
Collection Big Fake Ultimate Mascara - £4.99
Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?


  1. Such nice products there! Lovely post as ever :)

    Doing a MAC Makeup giveaway on my blog if you want to take a look?


  2. You'll love the undressed palette! :) That Simple offer is tempting, I haven't used their products in ages! xx

  3. I love the Undressed Palette! MUA have so many cheap but good products xx

  4. lol. You sound like me. I cannot walk out of drugstores without picking up at least something.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  5. Love that MUA palette!
    New follower by the way :)

  6. I want to try mua makeup range.btw you have a lovely blog and I'll be happy if we follow each other :)

  7. What do you think of the MUA palette? I've been undecided whether to buy it or not for ages :)
    Lovely blog x

    1. I have to say I do really like this palette, and I've been reaching for it a lot recently. However, I am still very much in love with the MUA Heaven and Earth palette. Thank you! x


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