Thursday, 10 November 2011

#27 I'M BACK!!!

Hey guys I'm back!! Miss me? :-)

I want to apologise so much for the serious lack of blogging! After me and Luke split up I wanted time to clear my head and gather my thoughts. Well all that is done now and I feel so much happier within myself. I have a great family, amazing friends which is the main reason for not blogging as I've been out constantly and the best news is me and Luke are still great friends and I'm going to meet him for coffee at our favourite coffee shop Brown Bag tomorrow! Whilst I was down I brought a few pic-me-ups and in these bits included the new OPI The Muppets Minis.

Taa-daa! They're a bit beautiful and perfect for the winter months! If you like I will do swatches and reviews on the colours, so leave comments! Also I'd like to welcome all my new readers and now only 10 away from 100! Finally my last little mention don't forget to follow me on twitter, drop us a comment, and girls.. always smile. I find its my best cure for anything!


  1. I really want the muppets opi collection. Great that you're still friends with him.x

  2. Omg I love the colors! I am probably going to buy this mini pack too! :)

  3. ooo these are fab got to love the muppets #Childhoodfave. Sorry about your breakup but it's so good yous have remained friends. I'd love to see your reviews and swatches of the polishes :)

  4. Guys these colours are fab! At somepoint next week I will do the colours and put them up! xxx

  5. A review post with swatches would be great!:D These colors look fun for fall.

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