Friday, 28 October 2011

#26 No Way St' Tropez

I want to get it over with quickly so... yes I have been feeling really crappy recently, me and my boyfriend broke up, so not quite myself but hey ho I will be. There short and sweet. I'd rather not talk about things just trying to keep happy!!

The main point for the post is I cannot believe how awful I've found a St' Tropez product! All their previous ones I've been really good with, in fact I've never experienced a bad fake tan product, or ever reacted to one.

This is what I've been applying and yes I know it's medium to dark but just a couple of coats gives you that 'I've been on holiday for a week' look. So throughout the whole week I applied 3 coats ready for a party, and thankgod I never went because it did the most hideous thing to my skin ever. My skin became so itchy it was unbearable to the point I was clawing at my skin it scratched the tan off and you could see when I'd scratched it off and it even made me bleed in places!

The first two are of my arm and the last picture of my thigh. No matter how much moisturiser I was putting on it just would not stop itching or go away. I can't believe that you can see where I have scratched at myself! I'm so upset because it did give me such a gorgeous skin tone but its so not worth going through this again. Does anyone else have any similar stories?


  1. Oh god how terrible and uncomfortable for you! I've not had a reaction to this kind of product but I did have a similar reaction after using hair removal cream :( so I feel your pain.


  2. wow :| how odd maybe it was the perfumes in the fake tan or something ? So disappointing when its quite pricey too :/ at least you know now to stay well away! xx

  3. I'm sorry about your relationship & the reaction. I have super sensitive skin so that happens a lot, sudocrem helps. x hivenn

  4. That's awful, sorry you had such a bad experience ! Usually I do a test spot on my skin for a few days to a week when I get new products I'm not sure about ! That would be something to do for next time to see how the product reacts with your skin x


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