Sunday, 13 November 2011

#28 Vintage Over Essex.

I have to raise my hands and admit it that I am one of The Only Way Is Essex's biggest fan! I can't help but laugh at their stupidity but still love them all the same. I'm even starting to love the sometimes tacky Essex Fashion, especially as I am a bit partial to some FakeTan. But the thing that has got me the most its Lydia Brights style. Compared to Essex girls like Jess, Sam and Lauren. Lydia is a delicate little English Rose. She doesn't follow the same trends as the other girls, and when it comes to the show I give her credit for being so different. It seems like the Essex girls can't live without a bottle of FakeTan or hair extensions, which is why it is so refreshing to see Lydia looking so natural.

Personally I think that I would choose to dress in this vintage style like Lydia over the other TOWIE girls any day, she looks so feminine and beautiful. But then beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what one person sees as beauty another may not. What does everyone else think on Lydia and the other  TOWIE girls style?


  1. I don't watch the show but I love the dress in the second picture!
    Her style looks really nice!


  2. Love Lydia, shes by far my favorite TOWIE girl. She dresses the best and looks the best x x

  3. I am majorly in love with Lydia as well! I love her style. I cant help but look at her and think blimmin eck you look amazing haha xx

  4. I love lydias style I much prefer the way she dresses over the other TOWIE girls xo

  5. i've always loved lydia's style - i think she proves that the 'essex girl' attitude is just a sterotype :-)

    maddie xx

  6. I prefer Lydia's style over all the other girls. And I really like the retro thing shes doing now :) better than in the 1st series x


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