Wednesday, 4 April 2012

#55 Body Shop Body Butters

Recently I have been a little bit obsessed with The Body Shop ever since I had to pop in and buy my Stepmum a birthday present and I loved all the wonderful products they had to offer. They do a wide range of products in a variety of different fragrances and the bonus part is that the majority of it is all reasonably well priced! So since becoming obsessed I signed up to the Body Shop newsletter via email and was just thrilled when they emailed me with a 40% off voucher code which also included 40% off sale items too! Unfortunately the voucher has expired but I do know that their body butters are still half price online which is what I purchased!
Now personally I think that Body Shop are known for their fabulous range of Body Butters and these were the ones which I picked as everyone else had already beaten me to the others which were sold out such as the Mango Body Butter!
The LOVE ETC brand in the Body Shop wasn't something familiar to me so I thought that there would be no harm in trying it especially when they were only £5 each online and I was then getting a further 40% off. When it arrived I wasn't disappointed at the smell of the product which is always a gamble when you don't know it. The best way that I can describe it which is probably really rubbish is that it's a very natural fresh smell. I also investigated more into the LOVE ETC brand and found that the Body Shop created it in order to 'spread the love' and by this they mean that the ingredients which they buy in order to make the product, the farmers who grow the ingredients in Ecuador are given a fair price and this has already had a positive effect with 150 families in Ecuador benefiting positively from the scheme. The ingredients are also completely natural and are not tested on animals which in a win for the consumers!

 I then purchased the Cocoa Butter and Shea Body Butters. These two are my most favourite butters which the Body Shop produce, and lets be honest who really can resist rubbing a butter into your skin which smells ever so slightly like the most delicious chocolate bar you have ever eaten?! And again the Shea Body Butter smells slightly similar to the Cocoa Body Butter except it's a lot lighter and fresher, and is my favourite for every day to day use.
As you can see the Body Butters aren't like your average moisturisers in a tub which you might use. They are very hard until you get a bit further down into the pots. I've also found that a little really does go along way with the Butters where as with most moisturisers I find that I have to put quite a far amount on for it to really do anything, and then I find that I need to apply a normal moisturiser everyday to keep up with the hydration of my skin. Whereas, with a Body Butter I use them every other day and the fantastic smell will last for the majority of the day from when I applied it, so I find that there's also never a need to apply a perfume making it a quick and simple every day routine.
The Body Shop 50% off sale finishes today, so if you're persuaded go and grab your favourite body butters for an amazing £5!
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  1. I'm a huge Body Shop fan, I love their body butters. Their Shea butter stuff smells amazing! xx

  2. I love the body shop. I love their vanilla body mists. The body butters sound amazing I've got a strawberry one but I haven't used it yet xo

  3. I love body shop butters, they are actually the only body butters I use, my favourite is the grape fruit one :) xx

  4. like your blog dearrrrrrr,
    keep posting and go for it!!! :):)


  5. I know what you mean that the body shop are so well known for there body butters, but I still to this day haven't tried one, but these all look soo nice when there new its tempting tehe! xxx

    1. I really recommend you buy one Millie! They are great! xxx


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